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  • i'm afraid i'm a weigh myself every day person - always have been. but i won't bore you all by telling you every day. official weigh in for me in sunday

    and the last four sundays have been....


    thats starting to look a bit depressing. but shall we say i'm more hopeful for this week
  • M, only really from the beginning of the year, so only 2 weeks today. I know thats not long, but I ususally eat so much and mainly bad stuff, and for these two weeks I have been sooooo good, I thought something small may have happened but not a thing. I dont really know how to cut down any more on what I eat, so thats why if nothing happens by the end of jan im not sure what else i can do.
  • Don't cut down too much, Skipp!
  • We have started having a weigh in at my house on a sunday. The 3 of us that live there are all trying to lose weight, so that is like an added incentive as well. (Have to beat my bf otherwise I'll never hear the end of it.)
  • I wont Jj, I actaully have to eat reasonable reguarly or I start feeling really lightheaded, I jsut mean that everything i eat now is really healthy and i have cut down on portions, but i still eat 3 meals a day.
  • skipp

    even if you are eating healthily check your calories. if you aren't eating enough your body will go into starvation and it becomes almost impossible to lose weight.

    on the other hand even eating healthily its quite easy to eat too much. in particular try weighing your carbs (too much pasta is many runners downfall!)

    finally don't expect to beat your b/f. blokes have it easy - they just mention the word diet and all available excess weight instantly disappears!

    good luck with it though. although i've had a bit of a strop about dieting for 3 weeks with no results i stuck with it and it is finally starting to show (although not officially till sunday!)
  • Thanks M, I dont think I am overdoing the pasta, Ive only have it about once a week and im sure im not starving myself, will give it a couple of weeks and see if anything happens. Thanks for the advice though. Know what you mean about blokes as well, BF has already lost a kilo.
  • Hello - less of the bloke diet bashing. I think you'll find that us male lardys find it just as difficult to shift the excess bulk. I think a lot of it varies from person to person. I know its just a simple equation of energy in versus energy out but I really do think that some people have it naturally easier.

    Roll on lunch!
  • (sorry count)

    higher metabolic rate = more energy out. so yes some people do have it easier.

    (ps blokes require more calorie intake for the same weight as women - ok i've stopped now)
  • ike BB I would like to fit back into wedding dress (only been wed 18 mths)and the rest of my wardrobe would be welcome too! Been on a detox now eating normally but healthy and havn't lost a pound but I have upped the gym.

    The Count now 13st 7lb target 11st 7lb (2st to go - and even that gives me a BMI of 24)

    The Evil Pixie lose 2st

    XFR now 15st target 13st (2st to go)

    Knackardkness target lose 1st 7lb

    Gumpster target lose 1st 7lb

    Nessie target lose 1st

    TallGirl target lose 1st

    Jj target lose 7lb

    TiredLegs target lose 1st 3lb (revised, feel fatter than I am)

    Jill Neill target lose 1st 6lb

    Spans target lose 10lb

    Jon target lose 7lbs.

    Neil H to lose 1 stone (weigh in Thur am)

    M target lose 1st 7lb

    Fraggle target lose 1st 2lb

    Troy needs to lose a further 1.5 stone

    Sam needs to lose 2st 3lb

    Skipp needs to lose 1st 5lb

    Fat Buddha wants to lose 5kg (11 lb)

    BB needs to lose 4st 5lb to fit back into wedding dress

    araqnid now 18st 2lb target 13st 8lb (Not embarassing. Welcome to the club)

    Lista needs to lose 1st
  • Why do men require more calories and can apparently drink more alcohol (although I've proven that wrong enough times)?

    Have we got a special gland....and before anyone says anything crude (cause that's my job) not that one!
  • coz you're bigger, generally.
  • so surely its should be based upon size and not gender...If that is the case then surely its misleading as a taller person will require more than Ronnie Corbett etc.
  • Yes - but I said 'generally'.

    I'm sure there are more complex physiological reasons, but WildWill's not here at the moment.

  • I've lost 0.2 of a pound - yay!!
  • no - i meant a bloke of the same weight needs more calories than a girlie. i'm assuming its metabolic rate related again. Michael Keeley did a link to the website for calculating how many calories you need and its totally different for men and women.

    but obviously not everyone is the same. some men will have slower metabolic rates. but in general.
  • Isn't it something to do with females carry more fat cells than men, so that why is easier for the guy's to lose than us.

    Or am I talking a load of B's

    Gonna have to put it here or I'm gonna blow it. Have a brokers lunch today, how the hell do ya be good with that one, must try tho.
  • TL

    no alcohol
    fish if you can - otherwise chicken

    and no alcohol
  • TL - tell them your on antibiotics and then no one will question your no drinking motives.

    That's what I need...a bl00dy infection!
  • its perfectly acceptable not to drink.

    if you tell them you're on antibiotics people will wonder what you've got!!!!

    about 2 years ago i switched over to no alcohol at lunch meetings and minimal alcohol at evening meetings (except internal ones obviously!)

    no-one batted an eyelid at it.
  • If I go without alc everyone gives me that raised eyebrow look and asks if I have something to tell them.
  • I do as well Lista, I always get, but your an aussie!
  • LOL Lista!

    Leave them guessing!
  • I tend to get irritated quickly when people give me "why aren't you drinking?" attitude. the down-the-pub-after-work culture can be pretty suffocating sometimes.
  • OK was really good (did help that said broker doesn't drink, which is a first for me).

    Had fish for starter and main course and fruit for afters.

    Wot the rest of you had then.
  • Cheese & Ham sarnie packet of S&V reduced fat crisps (first packet of crisps for 2 wks!)and an apple
  • Right - a non alcohol drinking group at the social on the 23rd?
  • Had chicken (removed the skin) with veg and rice.

    Can I keep the will power going...
    I've put aside a bag of clothes which I can't wear at the moment (mainly shirts and t-shirts) as they're too tight. My motivation is to be able to wear them...oh and to stop looking as I'm preggers!
  • Err Fruity so not gonna happen, well not from this one anyway ;-)
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