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  • skipp...the most important thing I read in the girlie article is that if you have a negative attitude then you'll fail. So this is a positive thread from now on. Visualisation is also a big part so get day dreaming about looking good in your new sexy summer gear.

    Unfortunately for me my summer, spring,autumn and winter gear is all the same. But I'll treat myself to new jeans and a short sleaved shirt when I get near my target....

    Feeling pretty chuffed with myself as I've avioded drinking this week although that will end this evening!
  • Has anyone else had a sneaky look to see if there has been any change in weight over the week?

    I confess I have
  • I had a quick jump on the scale when I went to the gym on Wednesday...but as these are not my ISO approved Ikea bathroom scales the result can not be taken as anything other than an indecation.

    resisted this moring though..
  • Good or bad?

    will you train more this weekend before weight in?

    Will you skip for 2 hours like a boxer to make the weight?
  • Well tonights going to be my day off but I think I'm doing OK. I've reduced porttion sizes and have started to try and slow down when I'm eating and now notice feeling slightly full rather than hungery -> stuffed.

    As for Monday morning I'll weigh myself as soon as I get up. And keep it consistant otherwise neek week will look bad.
  • i might possibly have had a quick peek at the scales....

    can't weigh in on sunday (my normal weigh in day) as i'm not at home. so should i do saturday or monday?????
  • Count - fuelled by Chris over on General, I thought I'd take a peek at URWRC for the first time. So here's my tuppeny ha'penny of effusive praise and encouragement for your weight loss campaign. Yay for you!
  • FAJ - once your here you never leave. Much better place to hang need to pussy foot around things and all the people are fab.
  • What's the difference between General and here?
  • Nothing much..apart from less newbies (forum not running) more random, generally the same people but with the gloves off. Also totally random. Welcome!
  • I like dross, I like random, I like the URWFRC!
  • Hi FAJ - why don't you come and meet us at one of the social or even at one of the races. We do actually r*n now and again ;-)
  • TL - FAJ is in Edinburgh so it would have to be Scottish runners.
  • Ahh bit of a problem there then. There's a half in Keswick on 2nd May that a few formites are going to, me and SP included, nice little (it gonna hurt like hell).

    Right off to the gym catch you later guy's.
  • I'd love to meet up, though I'm a bit shy. I've met quite a few forumites already and have made some new drinking, oops, I mean running, buddies.
  • that should say 'nice little r*n' don't be shy like you say you've met some already, we're a nice bunch really if a little mad.

    Right going.
  • Just back from yoga, ready for a kip now...
  • Back from lunch and also ready for a kip...Severe work motivational problems just now.
  • Tell me about it Count, Ive been terrible this past week.
  • M

    Weigh tomorrow cos then if the result is good you know what you can achieve in 6 days instead of 7


    if the result is not so good, you have 8 days to make it better.

    There ya go!
  • good plan sam - i'll do that. will be back tomorrow to let you all know......
  • I'll be off until Monday's results....good luck all!
  • Anyone know a low fat but really tasty meal i can have tonight?
  • Tuna steaks always a winner. Or treat yourself to a nice japanesse meal with the BF.
  • how do you cook them?
  • very quickly....shouldn't be overcooked otherwise they go tough and horrible. I like then raw in the middle. Very good with a dressing made with sesame seed oil (just a touch) and fresh grated ginger. Have a look on the BBC website for some good recipes.
  • skipp - try this one for tuna steaks...

    make some pasta and drain it
    stir fry some veges in a tiny bit of oil (i use onion, courgette, peppers, mushroom etc but you can use any)
    rub a tiny bit of oil (less than a tsp) into the tuna steak and fry or griddle (on a really hot pan) for 1-2 minutes each side

    take the tuna off the heat and flake it into big bits into the pasta (it flakes really easily) add the veges. add a big dash of lemon juice and a tablespoon of fresh chopped coriander.

    yummmmmm - its probably my favourite dish of all time
  • thanks M, Im not in a pasta mood tonight but i have photocopied that and will make it over the next week or so.

    BTW, where did you go in OZ, did you make it to perth?
  • not oz - went to New Zealand

    went to Auckland, Bay of Islands, Cambridge, Rotorua, Napier, Wellington, Nelson, Kaiteriteri, Franz Josef, Queenstown and Christchurch!!!!

    so all over really
    generally best not to get me started on the subject or i'll never shut up :-)
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