Bikes on planes

does anybody know where to buy those bike crates in the uk. I'm shipping a bike overseas (in the hold) and need a cheap transportation system. Flying from Heathrow. I know KLM do them in holland for Eur30
Many thanks


  • John,

    My advice would be to go to your local bike shop and scrounge some old bike boxes from them. They're generally glad to be rid of them, and they offer more than adequate protection to the bike.

    My brother has just come back from 12 months MTBing round the world and has successfully used this ploy everywhere from UK to USA, India, Sri Lanka, NZ and Spain.
  • Done a couple of trips with MTB's and used boxes from a local shop. Make sure they are in good nick to start with though and use duck tape on the edges. ALso a good idea to write "BIKE" in very big letters on all sides!!!!

    And don't forget to get the spacers for the front forks.

    Bubble wrap is also useful but fill the gaps with your helmet, gloves, shoes etc.

    Bike bags look great but a lot of money unless you are a frequent traveller.

    Sopme people swear by the "raw" bike option on the theory that the handlers can see what it is and therefore tend to look after it better. I've never had the bottle to try it however!
  • js - you may find this useful

    how to box a bike
  • Ive seen some bike boxes on
  • Thanks for all the advice, going to go and be nice to my local bike shop and see what they say. Also got to think about the baggage limit. Anybody have any idea how much a boxed bike would way (is a good light weight road bike)?

    Had thought about sending it raw, but wouldnt sleep worrying about it!

  • a couple of other tips:

    put a label with your destination details on the INSIDE of the box - just in case the external details go missing!

    and remember - also take the packing tape with you for the return journey!!

    (ps - use good packing tape and not masking tape like a friend of ours did - how the hell his bike ever survived the trip we have no idea. it arrived in Mexico with bits hanging out all over the place)
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