bury 20

does anyone no if the bury 20 is on next year?(bury st edmunds)


  • John

    As far as I was aware the race has now been consigned, unfortunately, to the history books. High police costings (heard that one before!) etc. meant it wasn't cost effective to hold. Pity really, I ran it 3 times and it was a good pre-FLM race.
  • TractorTractor ✭✭✭
    According to the Suffolk AAA website (can't remember the address and it isn't obvious), the Bury 20 is provisionally set for Sunday 02 March 2003.

    There's also a 10K and 3K Fun Run. There's some gumph on the site stating that the event is being run by the same group who organise the Oxford Town & Gown run.
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