Brighton 10k Summary.......

I have had a busted computer at home and haven't had time to get on line at work for a few weeks - I came online and nearly passed out when I saw the number of messages on this thread.

I will be running Brighton 10k (I'm a local - Burgess Hill) and hope for a time of around 50mins. - I will be wearing my URWFRC vest and would love to meet up with others before and after and would like it even more to run with some of you hoping for a similar time but as I haven't got time to read all 452 messages I don't know what has been decided about where and when to meet etc. Please help!!!!!!!!!!!


  • Also, my other half has been persuaded to enter - she has never run the distance and has only ever done the Race for life runs so this will be her first race outside that. So can you add her to the list - her nickname will have to be 'Winks' don't ask me why! and I guess her time will be at least 70 mins.
  • She can run with me, Pixie and shambler then
  • And me! Don't forget me! Where are we meeting anyway? And where does the race start? And where do we park.......... and what if.......... and should........ - oh dear, I think I'm starting to get neurotic about this!
  • Sorry sassie
    And all the othres ive missedout, but i aint got tme to read this whole thread either.
  • BZ,EP and group - I'm after a bit of a favour. One of my work colleagues who has never run a race before has decided to do it but would like some company. Is it feasible she could run with your group
  • HH - don't think any meeting place has been decided yet. So if you just start reading the thread from this point on you won't have missed out on much (apart from 400 messages of the normal banter of course)

  • Hi Homer.Can I join the pixie, shambler, winks, benz, crowd too then. If winks fancies a slowish training run before then I am in Haywards Heath and generally run on my own. Company would be a nice change. I am aiming for 60-70 mins.
  • Hi snails' pace
    Thought you were aiming for 60 mins. Well if you are going for 70 mins then I'll join the club with you, pixie, shambler, winks and benz. Mind you if you keep swaning off to Paris for the weekend you'll not get much training in will you? Remember we need two beds for two nights that weekend - Scotland is a long way away from Brighton.
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