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I ran 3 * 1 mile at 8 mile/minute with 1 minute recoveries on the treadmill (at 1%) at the gym last night. Can I take this as an indication that I could manage a 24 minute 5k? If not, what can I predict from this?




  • If you felt quite comfortable with the session I would say that the 24 is quite possible.
    Bear in mind though that you will have another tenth of a mile to run after the 3 mile mark.
    Also it would depend on how flat the 5k course was.
  • I resisted that one PB,although the temptation was overwhelming :-)
  • MinksMinks ✭✭✭
    I'd say that would be a rough indication, but bear in mind that running on a treadmill tends to be slightly faster than running outside: firstly, the 'ground' under you is moving - when outside, you move and the ground says still. There are also things like inclines, wind resistance and running surface to take into account, all of which can make you slower. On a perfectly flat, tarmaced route I can run 5K in about 22 minutes, but my first 5K race, on a woodland, slightly undulating route with a few muddy patches, took me 26 minutes.

    So don't be too disappointed or hard on yourself if you're not as fast outside as you are on a treadmill.

  • If you can manage that session with only one minute recoveries then you can cope with a possible 24 minute 5K, although you should remember that the treadmill is probably 5% easier to run on.
    If you can run 3*1 on 1 minute recoveries outside then it can be more accurately predicted that you could cope with the target time for 5K, (sorry for being long winded)
  • Sorry should have read your message correctly, you set the treadmioll at 1% (better indicator)
  • Useful replies - thanks. I summarise to myself as "probably" ;-)

    And in response to DannyM, that session was pretty hard. My HR was 182 at the end of the third interval (that's in relation to a max HR that I believe to be about 192 e.g. 95%MHR - I only ever see >180 when pushing very hard).

    I shall try it outside some time when I'm feeling keen.

  • You would expect to hit this HR in the third mile of a 5k so you are running at around your 5k pace.

    You could have a go at adding a fourth rep at between 400m and 800m.You would then be pretty much assured of reaching your goal time.
  • The treadmill pace suggests you will be close to 24 minutes. Why not aim for 25 minutes and be pleasantly surprised if you beat it.
    RW produce a chart every so often which gives anticipated pace based on various race times. I have a copy somewhere but cannot be bothered looking for it at 03:30 in the morning!!.
    I have found this to be quite accurate both for my current pace and for when I was running good times 10 years ago.

  • Looking around on the web I have juts found the following link
    This allows you to enter your details and it will predict a time. Seems a bit high to me for your details (27.5 mins estimated) but that is just for a mile time,it does not take into account the fact that you can do 3*1M at the same pace. (try 7.50 pace??)
    Try it out and see
    Make you sure you let us know what time you get in the 5K
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