1/2 Ironman (May / June)

Ive looked all over the Web and the only 2 1/2 Ironman events I can find in the UK ar both on 6/6/04. I had planned to do the Weymouth event on that day but have learned im at a Wedding the day before, even if I dont drink its not feasible for me to attend an event the day after.

Are there any other 1/2 Ironman or long distance Tri's in the UK during May/June that I can entre in preparation for Longest Day?


  • I know there's one in Staffordshire, cause I did it last year in June. Its called the Big Half in Trentham Gardens. You should be able to find it on the web, if not I'll dig out some details.

    The swim is like swimming in treacle though.
  • Thanks, its 4/7/03, thats 2 weeks before Longest Day, is that 2 near?

    Anyone know any others, mid-late June would be ideal lol.
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