Martlesham 10k

Whos doing this race on Sunday then?


  • Hi LL, after long deliberation, Adele and I have decided to give Martlesham a miss this year. We are both doing the first of the Met League X/country series on Sat 12th so would end up not doing justice to one or the ther or possibly both. Good luck to you and anyone else doing it though, boring as hell but flat and due to being 4 laps, easy to gauge your finishing sprint.

  • Nice to hear from you Jenks and I hope you and Adele do well in your forthcoming events.
    Hopefully will see you both soon
  • I will be here for this one, a new PB is calling me I believe......
  • Well a new PB did call, excellent course, I absolutely loved those 4 laps, what a brilliant idea, each lap only being 2.5kms made the race go so quickly, I managed to slaughter another 31 seconds off my time to come home in 38:44, which I am obviously well chuffed with :)

    SlowButSure pulled out at the end of the 3rd lap as a precautionery measure, but should be fine for the Tiptree 10 mile next week.
  • Nice one NN, well done.
  • Thanks BK, going to settle down now and watch a new world record at Chicago!
  • I agree, I thought the course today was great, it did seem to make the race go a bit quicker with it being 4 laps. Unfortunately, did not get a PB, but was very pleased with 50:45 as I felt a performed well. Hubby (Fozzie) got a PB of 47.45, so congrats to him.
    Looking forward now to Tiptree next Sunday.

    Did'nt Paula do great.
  • Well Done guys,

    I logged on to see how you did. I wish I had been there, but I had a christening to attend in the end.

    Aiming for Tiptree next week. Hope to see some of you.

    Hope you enjoyed the World record NN. I'm sure there is a thread somewhere else on here talking about it, I'll look it up now. What an incredible run eh!


  • Hi Mike, there are a few of us going to Tiptree, there is a thread in the events forum somewhere, see you there
  • TractorTractor ✭✭✭
    Blimey NN, thats a good time. All these PBs you're obtaining recently!

  • Nice one NN,
    You've got a great atitude, "Another PB calling I believe". With an outlook like that the PB's will keep coming.

    Great stuff!
  • TractorTractor ✭✭✭
    Spot on PM. My outlook stands at "must complete race" or even "must wake up on time to get to race"!
  • Thanks Tractor and PM, it was an excellent race, started about 6 secs per km too fast and so held back slightly until I was back in my target zone and then pushed on from 6km to the finish, the last km being the quickest of all as usual.

    I know when I expect a PB, obviously I dont always know the course, and the weather can mess things up, but I have had a good year so far, and looking forward to getting a decent winters training behind me.
  • Well Done NN, LL and all, I hope SBS withdrawl was not too serious..

    I had a cracking run at the Woodford X/C see seperate post.

  • Hi Jenks, great will have a search now
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