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  • Hi Amy, 

    I'm very disappointed by the musical chat on this forum though - Taylor Swift and 1D but no Katy Perry or Ariana Grande! (my 9 year-old daughter's favs) image

    I'm also sort of worried now that someone's going to pop up on my forum and ask to see a copy of my French 'O' Level ...

    Hope you have a great weekend in That London!

  • So if we are moving on....

    Are you sharing your experience of store day? How did the 121 with Steve go? What time are you aiming at for now?
  • Hey guys, little pocket rocket rap/limerick;

    There was a young lady named Rocket

    Kept safe by the noble ginge Jock(et)

    The idea of ghostrunning was really becoming.......

    A farce........

    ..So.....all haters go fockit imageimage


  • Amy is obviously busy at present with work so here is the initial month - it's definitely at a quicker pace than I would suggest for the average sub-4 runner but based more on what Amy did in her 5km - the target remains sub-4 but come April she might be capable of quicker.

    The training may have to be adapted when Amy gets more of the training behind her and maybe softened as she hasn't trained this hard before. She did the 1000 session on Tuesday on the road and ran a good pace which suggests the speed is there.

    The schedule isn't set in stone and will be adapted to what is best for her at the time - would be interested in what other potential 3:45-4:00 runners think of it.  

    Obviously Amy was not picked on her marathon time alone but as far as i am aware it wasn't clear she hadn't been an official entrant - the form simply asked what marathon time have you done and she answered that.

    Amy got the place because she was the fastest 5km runner in the sub-4 group, created a good impression with her friendliness and personality, did very well on social media, and then got lots of votes and looks to have plenty of potential.



    16 week schedule for Paris begins Dec 22

    build up week
    Tues: 5 x 1000m reps approx 4:30 with 1:30 recoveries
    Wed: easy
    45 mins at no faster than 8:30s
    Thurs: 2 miles easy, 3 miles at approx HM
    pace (8:00), 1 mile easy
    Fri rest
    Sat: parkrun or brisk 30 min
    Sunday Dec 21 10 miles relaxed in 85-95 mins

    Mon Dec 22- Sun Dec 28 - 33M
    Mon: rest
    Tues: Hills - ideally 10 x 1 minute - 90 secs rest
    Wed: 45 mins steady run at 8:15-8:45s (6M)
    Thurs: rest or pace session:  2 miles slow, 3M block of HM pace (approx 8:00), 1 mile slow (6M)
    Fri: rest
    Sat: parkrun or fartlek (5M)
    Sun: 11 miles relaxed in 99-105 mins (11M)

    Mon Dec 29- Sun Jan 4 - 36M
    Mon rest
    Tue hills (5M)
    Wed 50 mins steady run - (6M)
    Thu Pace session: 2 miles slow, 3M block of 10km (7:30), 1 mile slow
    Fri rest
    Sat off-road or parkrun or fartlek (6M)
    Sun 13 miles relaxed in 2 hours-2:10 (13M)

    Mon Jan 5 - Sun Jan 11 - 40M
    Mon rest
    Tue Mile reps  5 x 1M in approx 7:30 with 2 mins rest (7M)
    Wed 60 mins steady run (7M)
    Thu easier endurance session: fartlek (6M)
    Fri rest
    Sat off road run or parkrun (5M)
    Sun 2 hours 15-25 mins slow (15M)

    Mon Jan 12 - Sun Jan 18 (42M)
    Mon rest
    Tue 1000m reps 6 x1000m approx 4:30 with 2 min recoveries (6M)
    Wed 85 mins steady run
    Thu Endurance session (acceleration) - start at 9:30, 9:00, 8:45, 8:30,
    8:15, 8:00, 7:45 (7M)
    Fri rest
    Sat parkrun, hills or brisk run (6M)
    Brisk longer endurance run or race (ie 13M at sub 8:30s)

    Mon Jan 19 - Sun Jan 25 (47M)
    Mon rest
    Tue 800m reps - 7 x 800m in approx 3:30-3:45 with 2 min recoveries (6M)
    Wed 90 mins steady run (11M)
    Thu Speed
    Endurance session (alternate pace session - 9:15s and 8:15s) (7M)
    Fri rest
    Sat RW Training day
    Sun 2 hours 30-45 relaxed (17M) or easy dependant on training day

    Mon Jan 26 - Sun Feb 1 (51M)
    Mon rest
    Tue 400m reps - 12 x 400m in sub 1:45 with 45 secs rest (6M)
    Wed 95 mins steady run (12M)
    Thu Speed endurance session (out and back run) - 4 miles out at 9:30. 4 miles back
    at approx 8:30-8:45 plus 1M slow (9M)
    Fri rest
    Sat parkrun, hills or fartlek (6M)
    Sun 2hrs 40-55 mins relaxed  (18M)

  • Haha, so Karen you also can riddle

    Let's have you, me and Gingermagic in the middle

    Maybe we could be the the UKs next big thing

    Get onto Simon, give him a ring!

    Tony, so sorry to offend, Katy Perry is also very cool I agree, in fact any kids loving pop and I'm sold!

    Store day was really great thanks Tigger. Meeting Steve was probably the highlight, made it all seem a little but more real, and helped to bring the excitement into focus on what was ahead. I will be aiming sub 4, I think that will be challenge enough, I know it will be tough. I was in awe when speaking with him. He has achieved some amazing times, dream times. I also really enjoyed the bio electrical impedance machine where they analysed your muscle, fat and water percentage....I am carrying a lot of junk in my trunk! And looking at the images on screen of my feet, I am slightly whobbed!
  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭
    This thread has kept me entertained for the afternoon!

    May I ask Steve a question? Steve - does the fastest 5k runner always have an advantage in the competition, are you looking for the fastest? The reason I ask is that I think generally men and women are capable of such different times over this distance in comparison to their marathon times. I'm a useless 5k runner and my 5k pb would suggest a marathon time much slower than I have achieved off the same level of fitness (6 minutes). I'm curious as to why the 5k is set as a test for a marathon competition, although I realise it has to be something. I would have thought some investigation would have been done into the candidates other times from Power of 10, or similar, rather than going on this alone?
  • Hi Steve. As the marathon first-timer but also one of the slower sub-4hr bootcampers, I think this is great plan. I've been full of cold this last week but did the suggested Weds session (which I know I shouldn't have done really but couldn't stop myself) and intend to do the Sat and Sunday suggestions. I'm about 5-6 mins off pace for s sub-4 finish so the schedule, which starts easy, looks a bit beyond me from w/c 22/12 onwards. It looks perfect for our Amy though who I think might end up closer to 3:30 than 4:00 by the time we get to April.

    Thanks too for clarifying why Amy got selected. I can also testify to what a fun person and great team player she is. I just wish she were slower so she could help me run the final stages of the marathon!
  • Sorry Steve I have just seen your kind words, thank you, means a lot. And thanks for posting the plan. I did get the first four weeks up this morning. It's exciting to know that you think I have potential and that he plan is adapted to that. I will put my all into it and hope I do it proud.
  • Awww Tony you're such a gem, I'm so pleased you got placed. We will all support each other I'm sure. Definitely just aiming for sub 4 though, I'm out I breath just at the thought of anything quicker!

    Guess where I am off just now....Ice skating!!! Couldn't get in at Somerset House though.
  • Love your name Minni Mistletoe! Have you booked a marathon that you are aiming for?
  • Minni

    the 5k is a guideline and nothing more - in the 4:30s, certainly Andrea wasn't at the front and Anthony was far from the fastest 5k runner in the beginners and Tom wasn't at the front of the sub 3s and Tim wasn't the quickest sub 3:30 runner.

    Amy was the only fastest one of the 5k groups selected.

    I consulted Power of Ten for the faster runners but it's not accurate for the less speedy and a lot of the 4 and 4:30 candidates weren't on POT.

    It was more important that runners carried out the instructions of the 5K (as it was 400 hard, 200 float) and finished strongly and Amy got the final place for the other reasons given as well.

    Amy - re parkrun - Brockwell park may be the nearest though go an extra mile and Dulwich is a faster course. Be careful Ice skating!

  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭
    Ah thanks for that Steve. I read that the only lady in the sub 3 hadn't felt confident after the 5k and I felt for her because it's the distance I feel least confident over (apart from 10k!!!)! But you have explained it well with the effort.

    No marathon for me this year Amy.
  • Amy Roach wrote (see)
    So, I'm visiting my sister in London today, does anyone know of a park run near Clapham that I could try tomorrow morning?

    I'm in Clapham - next time you're visiting you must look me up!

  • I did dulwich last time I visited with malc, although he was a bit in front of me- got A pb but found the course a bit boring which is why my friend suggested brockwell 

  • Sorry, this is typical English bullshit, she didn't run it officially and lied to qualify for the competition and we are getting pages of well done for being honest should be thrown out no question. Bloody embarrassing. 

    If someone did that with the elites in the Paris marathon Asics as the sponsors would not say brilliant would they!!! 

    people worked fecking hard to be knocked out by a cheat 

  • She didn't lie - no where does it specify you have to an official marathon time - though maybe it will next year and proof willbe asked for. Amy is a genuine sub-4 candidate - she proved herself running and in other ways too. Maybe she could have applied for the beginners but she genuinely thought she had completed a marathon - which technically she had.

    Amy has done very few races and obviously didn't realise it would be a problem.

    It's not ideal but it's over and done with now
  • it was clearly implied that your marathon was not walking out your door and timing yourself! 

    guss it's ok to turn up at any marsthon and just join In is it? 

  • She managed to get a degree but doesn't understand you have to pay to enter a marathon?  Obviously didn't realise it was a problem? Please!!!! ????? 

  • Don't worry "unticked email ME when a response is made", I won't comment on her thread again, don't want to be associated with cheating being ok. 

  • DS2DS2 ✭✭✭
    Frankly it's all nonsense! Totally made the competition a farce! Nowt more to say!

    Other than you can't - simply can't enter a race without an entry without an official place and think it's ok!

    If RW think that's acceptable then I'm glad I cancekkef my subscription!
  • Hey guys, I'm interested in how you all manage the mental side of running?? It is after all such a key part of the task at hand. For me I never allow myself to stop until I have finished a rep/set/race. Also I seem to have adopted a mental image of a massive acid house style smiley face. This is clearly related to my younger yearsimage

  • DS2DS2 ✭✭✭
    And if anyone thinks it's acceptable then they live in a different world to me!
  • DS2DS2 ✭✭✭
    Well said Bootrunk
  • DS2DS2 ✭✭✭
    Steve - if you think it's ok and it's over and done with I'm disappointed!
  • Wow , this thread seems a bit different from the last couple of years !!

    I usually follow this thread for my annual marathon in spring. Still trying to crack 4 hour after 4 attempts, closest I have come is in Barcelona in 2013 @ 4:00:03.( still have sleepless nights )

    Have a half pb of 1:39:13 - running goal was sub 1:40

    10k pb 44:44 - running goal was sub 45

    Thought I was going to crack it at Manchester Asics marathon this year but got chest infection week of marathon and came home 15 minutes or so outside 4 hours. I was gutted, really gutted. But never did the thought of travelling half the country going to a big city marathon that I didn't enter cross my mind. Why did it not seem like a bad idea over time? Sorry, you didn't earn that medal at the end of the race and shouldn't of taken it. Not sure I will be following this thread this year. The beauty of the marathon is you need your training to go well , have good weather on the day , remain injury free and hope you don't get ill before the race ( or so a wise man once said ) 

  • DS2DS2 ✭✭✭
    Ashley - brilliantly put!
  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭
    Ashley with times like that you need to be on the sub 3:30 thread anyway!
  • DS2DS2 ✭✭✭
    I agree with Minni, Ashley.

    Get on the sub 3:30 threads. You'll crack it my friend!
  • Wow! Some of the comments on here are a poor reflection of us as a community of runners... I'd never posted on the forums before I was a bootcamper this year (despite lurking for some time) as some threads had appeared slightly hostile to newcomers. I was hoping to be proved wrong but that's looking unlikely right now.

    Please would those with negative views keep them to themselves from now on. This is Amy's thread and as Steve has said, she won the competition on her own merit and without lying or misleading anyone. If anyone has the right to feel aggrieved then it's someone like me as an unsuccessful applicant, but I'm not. Having met Amy I really was so impressed with her as a person and as a runner and I truly think she was the right choice of sub4 winner. Go get that PB in Paris Amy, I'm backing you all the way!!!
  • gagging people with opinions different to your own? That's always an enlightened point of view... 

    so saying she had run x marathon when she hadn't entered it isn't a lie? What is it then an accidental mistruth? 

    I ran along a London street once, I must deserve a VLM medal! 

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