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  • I ran a 1.34 half marathon at Bracknell on Sunday - don't think I'd have accomplished that without some of the ideas and support on this thread

    HM PB by 8 minutes, delighted

  • Great running Peter, well done to you.

  • Hi everyone, sorry I've been AWOL for a week or so... Had a very busy time with my Masters degree (trying to catch up with stuff that fell by the wayside when marathon training!), plus I've had a few races recently too...

    Looks like you had a great pre-Ramathon test run Iain! All is definitely looking good for that sub1:40... I'm still hoping for sub1:45 but I'm not sure if my legs will allow it, I've been testing them a bit recently! Fantastic that you've entered your next marathon too, yay!!! Manchester 2016 here you come... I've entered the VLM ballot (again!) but I'm pretty certain with the changes this year it'll be 7th time unlucky for me. I read today that they've had nearly 250,000 ballot applications, wow!!! Think I'll be doing Manchester next year too... How's your 300miles in May challenge going? That's some serious milage there; the most I reached was 197miles in March this year at the height of my VLM training. It's obviously paying off tho as honk, honk; another parkrun PB for you, brilliant stuff!

    Hey Loopy Lu, lovely to hear from you! Congratulations on your 2 marathons in 2 weeks, there's no way I could do that... And you managed 2 amazingly respectable times too, WOW!!! Good luck in Windsor Triathlon, let us know how you get on...

    Well done on your Watford 10K RR; so close to the age prize too... Clearly you're running really well and recovered from London. What's next for you?

    Crikey Peter Foster 7; a HM PB by 8 minutes at Bracknell!!! That's an incredible achievement... Congratulations! Sound that PB klaxon loud and proud...

    Such a shame that injuries have scuppered your spring marathon chances Cbo, oh well it's good to see that you've already got your sights set on Edinburgh 2016... It's great to have a goal to focus on.

    Thanks for the congrats Amy, much appreciated... Your travel plans sound amazing, I'm very jealous! I hope you do get a chance to put in that sub21 parkrun PB before you jet off; let me know when you're going to attempt it and I'll try and join you (shift work dependant!). And yes, definitely sub3:45 for both of us next time I hope... (Tho maybe not for me at Athens, it's just not the course for it...)image

    So since I last posted I've done a few cheeky races; on the Saturday after VLM I finally tackled my local parkrun at Lyme Park. It's notorious as being one of the hilliest parkruns in the country and it really was a toughy! It basically starts straight up a hill for the first 3/4 mile, ouch... Despite that I really enjoyed that feeling of racing again and finished as 4th Lady, not too shabby 6 days after a marathon. 

    Then last week I had 2 races in 3 days. On Thursday I did Buxworth 5, a race in our club championships and another very hilly affair!!! How they can get over 950ft elevation into 5 miles of road racing I don't know. I took this opportunity to try out my new lightweight racing shoes and they were great... I was 4th Buxton AC lady so secured myself 7 points for our club champs, pretty pleased with that. My time was 41:05 which I'm delighted with as it's nearly 2 mins quicker that the first ever 5 mile race I did in July last year, and that was a pancake flat course. Definitely shows how far I've come and how much the marathon training is benefiting my running.

    Then on Saturday it was our monthly Pavilion Gardens 5K again. Despite the cold and blustery conditions I recorded my first every race win!!! I couldn't believe it when on the 2nd of 3 laps one of the marshals (our club chairman) told me he though I was in the 1st Lady position... On the 3rd lap he shouted that he was certain I was leading the female race and I was totally amazed when this was confirmed in the results!!! Even though I didn't get a PB (I was actually 30+ se

  • Hi all - well after getting round both VMLM & Watford in one piece I managed to chip my ankle bone just walking down the street the day after Watford in high winds.

    I was blown into the metal surrounding a sapling and went down after bashing the ankle bone.

    Had a little run today though and it felt almost normal, still looks big though.
  • Hope you recover quickly Reikirarabbit.

    BRB, thanks for the kind words, at the moment I'm  running really well. Yesterday I did 16 miles in 2:00:32 @ 7:32/mile and went through HM in 1:39:11, so it's all looking good for Ramathon, I just felt really good yesterday and just kept on running and it didn't feel uncomfortable either.

    On the other question I have so far ran 230 miles in May so doing 300 miles looks pretty achievable now with 13 days left. I think that structured marathon training has taken my running to a higher level than last year.

    I have a 10k on 31st of May I'm aiming for a new PB there so that's sub 42:30 and then parkrun PB attempt the week after aiming for 20:30 there (I need calm conditions for that though) and then Ramathon the day after, So lots of aims.

    I am currently compiling my plan for the training plan for Manchester (as like you I suspect I'll fail at the London ballot) and the changes I'm going to make on this year's such as, fuelling and the insulin regime, more on that in future!

    Hope everybody is well!!!!image

  • Hey guys, how is everyone? Good luck tomorrow Iain at Ramathon, hopefully I'll see you there... Did you get that 10K PB and what did the May mileage come in at eventually?

  • Hi BRB.

    May mileage was 374 miles!!!!

    Sinfin 10k in awful conditions was 43:08 (very pleased with that one)

    Ramathon yesterday new PB 1:39:29 so a great few weeks and absolutely delighted with the outcomes.

    Well done on your running this weekend just gone too, BRB!!!!!!


  • captivating motivating read

    pride in your accomplishments

  • Did they not bother with any runners this year then ?
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