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  • Amy you could easily have dropped or thrown away the medal. I DNF'd a race after 92km went to the end to pick up my drop bag and they puts medal in my hand, I polite gave it back and explained I didn't complete the race, I managed to say no, how come you couldn't ? 

  • I thought you weren't going to post again?  


    Onwards and upwards Pocket Rocket, there's far far more of us on here who are with you X

  • Btw, Steve Marathon Coach, wanted to say a massive thanks to you- we chatted on the thread when you coached RRr to her BQ a couple years ago- at the time my marathon pb was 4:33 and i asked u if it would be possible for me to go for A bq- you told me absolutely possible but look at 2015/2016 to achieve it... I'm going for it in London next year having got 3:39 in Manchester this year image  Thanks for giving me the belief 

  • Angela, a massive improvement there, I'm sure you;ll manage the qualifying time in the Spring, what's your target

  • DS2DS2 ✭✭✭
    Sub 3:15 - isn't it Angela?????
  • Wooow Amy, your training plan looks great and you better enjoy that rest on Monday because hills on Tuesday look tough imageimageimage!!! I have been reading your plan in detail and some of the paces look a bit challenging for me but I will give it all from day 1. I am a bit relieved my training will not start until after Christmas so I have some more time to recover from my injury.

    I am sure you will do great in Paris and that you are going to enjoy the whole journey here. I had the support of some fantastic people in my thread and in your case it will be the same. Enjoy the weekend and get ready!


  • Hi Steve!!! Hope you are doing fine and glad to read that you are recovered. 

    I am fine and ready to follow Amy's plan for a sub 4 in April. After my time in Paris I am very motivated for a sub 4!!! I will most likely be running Madrid, which takes place on the same day as London so I will start my marathon training in two weeks. 

    I have a question for you. I have been injured for the past 3 months with a fracture on the navicular bone of my right foot and I haven't been able to run. Luckily, I didn't have to use crutches so I have tried to keep fit walking as much as possible but obviously it will be tough at the beginning. 

    Amy's plan looks fantastic although the faster paces look a bit challenging for me but I will try and see. I followed James' plan for a few weeks after Paris and the speed gap was a bit tough for me. 

    For the first weeks of training and my first runs after three months, would you recommend me to follow Amy's plan or should I take it easier? 

    Many thanks!!! 

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    13 years is a long time to be running without realising that one needs an entry to run a race and pick up a medal ????
  • Thanks Stewart..,. At the moment I have 3:23 in mind image a bq would be 3:35 but the quicker you are the more chance u have of getting into boston...

  • A BQ is all the motivation you'll need over the coming months and a great reward for all your hard work, Good luck

    Amy, good luck with your journey to Paris I'm sure you will enjoy the experience

  • Hi Isabel

    Good to hear from you. After that time off - you certainly shouldn't attempt the paces I was suggesting for Amy but you could attempt 4 of the 5 runs for around 3 weeks and be happy with approx a minute a mile slower but after a couple of weeks you may be able to slightly increase your pace. The important thing is not to come back and do too much too soon.

    Re joining in races you haven't entered I don't agree with but I have actually done that myself to help runners in Paris and now I feel really guilty and I should probably desist in future but I wouldn't run the last 400 metres. Other than those Paris assists - I have done well over 2000 races and always paid my entry fee!

    Amy did what she did and now knows she shouldn't have and yes should have known it is wrong but having checked a lot of the boot campers forms - many did put a time down which wasn't a race and that includes 5k 10k half-marathon as well as marathons.

    As I said earlier - Amy didn't get her place because of what she stated her marathon was but many other factors.

    I understand some want to voice their disapproval but from now on I want to focus on helping Amy get fit enough to run 9 minute miles for 26.2 miles and hope others can be helped too and I hope most can get behnd Amy and give encouragement.
  • Hi Amy (and Steve), I'll be following your thread with interest as i'm running my first marathon next June, hopefully sub 4. Will be nice to see how the sessions go well in advance of tackling them myself. The weather may play a part in my attempt but I try to run on my birthday each year and it's my 40th in 2015 so thought i'd make it special with my first marathon.

    I'm running the Grizzly for the second year running in March so will have a decent base level of fitness (I hope). This will leave me 14 weeks until my marathon.

    Question for Steve.....With a decent winter behind me do you think I could jump in at week 3 of the schedule? I'm basically following a beginners marathon schedule for the Grizzly which will be more of a 'fun run' for my wife and I as it's such a unique event rather than a race. I appreciate there are lots of factors to consider and no schedule is ever set in stone but any advice would be welcome.

    Apologies for hijacking the thread for my own gain but there doesn't seem to be another current sub 4 thread going at the moment? 


  • I can see your sincere Steve and making the best etc. I just think it's really disappointing that Doing something that most runners in the cold light of day would say is utterly wrong is being brushed under the carpet for convenience. It's just sad to see the commercial world matters more.

    Good luck Amy  I think you shouldn't be in the competition you know what you did was wrong, but you are there hope You do well like I do every other runner.


  • Tom I will definitely do that image

    Angela great to hear that. Steve is very knowledgeable and experienced, makes me incredibly excited for what is ahead. I wish you all the luck in London. Will you be looking at our Superman's plan to help you along your way? His journey will be great to follow, very entertaining.

    Karen Murdoch 3 this is a good questions. I think it is absolutely a huge part of the battle. Its what decides whether you stop or keep pushing through despite everything around you and how you are feeling. I think your end goal is the biggest drive and the focus on that can help pull you through. I like the feeling you get at the end of doing something tough too, that sense of pride and the physical feeling too as your happy hormones are released. Never allowing yourself to stop shows great strength, and I love that you have an image to focus on.

    Isabel Abos yes indeed the hills look tough! I love to and typically always include a hill in my runs but to do reps of them as Steve has recommended will be a new challenge for me. I will let you know how it this space! I am sorry to hear you have a fracture injury, sounds painful, how did you come by that? Madrid sounds like a fantastic goal though, I went there on a school trip years ago, will be pretty cool to run round, much like Paris I guess image

    Thanks for the luck StewartC, what are current running goals so I can wish you luck in return?

    Hello there Just Run welcome, pleased you have hijacked, hope it ill be of use. What a great birthday pressie to yourself. What exactly is the Grizzly? Sounds fun! I have booked for a Tough Mudder at the end of May, is it a similar thing? And competing with your wife, it must be great to have similar interests with someone you care about and spend most your time with.

    Thank you for the luck Booktrunk. And sorry to have disappointed. Good luck in all your forthcoming challenges.

  • Hi Amy, I'm doing Manchester Marathon in the spring, 3:40 is the current target given my recent HM time, my current marathon PB is 3:50

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    Ok. I've said my piece. May have a different opinion to others, but that's my opinion and others are entitled to them.

    There are far more important things happening so move on.

    Good luck Amy!
  • Steve makes a good point - I didn't see any of you lot moaning about him putting peoples lives in danger when he ran 18 miles in Paris last year without a number! 

    I have loved following these spring marathon forums for the past three years and it's really got me back into my running, which surely is what these forums are for - ENCOURAGING each other.

    Although the situation is far from ideal, it's happened. If you don't like DON' T follow this thread.

    Can we now please JUST talk about the running.

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    Amyone who says they didn't know you had to officially enter a race for a time to count Should not be allowed out on their own, ever, full stop. Also their carer should explain how things work in the world of the 'with it'.
  • Just Run

    The Grizzly always looks a great event  - and will give you a tremendous amount of endurance and you could probably join in even later than 3 weeks into the marathon schedule...if you survive.

    i always think the fitter you start a schedule the better as you aren't forcing yourself to make big fitness gains just gradually improving the fitness which is less of a strain on the body and the long runs feel relatively easier.

    the fact you aren't training and racing flat out for Grizzly  is an advantage as it won't take as much out of you.

  • Thank you DS2, I appreciate it. And I apologise again for any disappointment caused by my naivety.

    3.40 StewartC, good luck! How are you feeling about it? Do you know what you want to work on?

    Hi Sean R5, encouragement sounds good to me. What are your current goals?

    I've done my first park run this morning, what an atmosphere, there's a great example of encouragement. I can't believe I've never done one before. Who else has been out this morning? And what a lovely morning for it too I might add image
  • Have a question for Steve. I know I should run more but on 3 runs a week, 1 being a long run and 2 being a parkrun, what should I be doing for the 3rd run to get the most benefits?

    Amy I am running Brighton on April 12 so I hope we both smash 4 hour to bits!



  • Sorry hit submit! Met up with Angela so new friends made too and I get the impression that is common with the park runs, so great meeting like minded people. Plus a cheeky brunch afterwards!
  • Ashley Woolgrove , let's make 12.04.15 is a great day image
  • Sorry one last point re running a race unofficially. I do think it is wrong and more so to run in someone else's number which many do but in terms of the asics competition, I don't think what Amy did was as bad as some are implying. Runners had to choose a category and were asked their previous time. Ideally Amy probably should have put unofficial time in brackets but it was a time.

    if the competition does happen next year then perhaps it will be asked for official race pbs but this year it said pick a category and list your times as a guide.

    However had Amy entered the first timers category then it later came out she had run Edinburgh unofficially then I'm sure some would have said she was in the wrong category and not eligible for that section. 

  • Amy - I'm running the London Marathon in April and hope to get round inside 3:30hrs.

    I have also never run a Parkrun! I really should register and run a local one in the coming months.

     I watched the film "Gone Girl" yesterday. Have you seen it? Crickey anyone would think that you are "Amazing Amy" from that film, the amount of stick you are getting in here. Lol image

  • Ashley - 4 would be better! 

    if just one extra run - an endurance based speed session would probably be best - see some of Amy's Thursday sessions which contain some mileage but also work on pacing or accelerating - those sessions should increase both stamina and speed endurance 

  • VDOT52VDOT52 ✭✭✭
    Steve. You are right. What she did is bad, but it is not like she murdered anyone, she just cheated a bit. Those who have missed out should just move on. After all it is the taking part that matters.

    Good luck Amy- at least you won't have to remember to enter as asics are taking care of that for you.
  • On the plus side Amy - your thread has now had nearly just as many views and replies as SupermanRuns sub 3:30 thread and his was always going to be the most popular image


  • So Tony is currently training towards 4.04 to 4.06 as his aim. Steve has said sub 4 for for you, but what time is your aim?

    Shame it's popular for all the wrong reasons Sean!

    There is naivety and there is knowing the difference between right and wrong, your young but your not that young!
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