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  • Good running StewartC image 

    Was planning a long run today but the day didn't go as planned so an easy 5ish miles late this afternoon. Will run with the club tomorrow night. 

  • JR, at least you managed to get a run in, enjoy the club run tomorrow

    9 miles GA run today the legs were a little tired after the long run yesterday so I kept it easy.

  • Hi all I managed a highly disciplined progression run at Buntingford 10 today, nailed the pace, and as I had 3 miles at each, the last section being @ MP, it was challenging to administrate yet strangely easy.

    Sounds like we all like to have a 3 tiered approach to targets. I smetimes have a sneaky platinum goal that remains secret though!
  • Nice one Reikirabbit. I was at Buntingford too!

    83mins for me. I now have a renewed enthusiasm for that 3:50 marathon...
  • Evening All. How have we been? Hope a merry Christmas was had by all.

    Hi Bethleham Running Bunny. I think my watch plays 'silly beggers' too sometimes, which is why Stewart C I think my pace was not right and I was not unfortunately running as quick as it seemed on Thursdays pace session. I am not sure what 'Yasso' 800s are Bethleham Running Bunny, but assuming that you mean you were running 800m x4, and your splits seem evenly paced so well done image And, as you have requested, here is my earlier post so I can get to bed!image I love that you were so excited that you ran quicker on Christmas day! A lady after my own heart completely, I love Christmas, it is absolutely my favourite time of year.

    So, over the past two days I have been following the plan, but in a slightly different order as discussed previously. I did my local park run on Saturday, wasn't sure it was going to be on as we had a good amount of snow fall here in Sheffield, but true to us nutty runners it was on! And I loved it! Apparently there are normally 400-500 runners at my local, but there were 85 of us on Saturday, I had a good run I think considering the weather, 24.37 and second lady home! Very chuffed image

    Then on Sunday I attempted the 45mins steady run at 8.15min miling as I did my long run on boxing day because of location. This was tough as under foot was icey. I managed 5.1miles in 42.50. Perhaps I should do as you do Bethleham Running Bunny and look at my pace over the whole run. And, by the way, you sound like you are getting along just grand with your training too so keep it up.

    And today has been my rest day, which is probably a good thing because I had to literally skate out of my flat this morning! How is it where everyone else is? I am a little worried about the idea of hill running tomorrow....?! Hopefully it will thaw out overnight..... I will take on board your advice thanks Steve Marathon Coach and think about adding on the extra (up to) 30s per mile on the hills, especially tomorrow in the not so great weather.

    Reikirabbit let me know when you are in Shef! It would be great to run with someone. The famed Pennine Way, does the Five Weirs Walk form part of that? I do part of that run every so often, its one I enjoy. But I am now scared about the thought of having a large dog hanging off your leg, what happened?! Were you ok? Is your surgery related to that? Excuse me if I me have missed something.

    Intrigued about your 'sneaky platinum goal'...!

    Shame you didn't make the park run Just Run, family are very important however and I think allowing yourself family time particularly at Christmas is important, plus theres always next weekend, and the weekend after, and the one after that... image

    I agree too, Steve Marathon Coach's advice about keeping to effort is something to think on. Has anyone tried training based on heart rate, is this something that may be useful to help with this? My watch has a heart rate monitor too but I never used it.

    Yes Tim R2 T2 renewed enthusiasm for that 3.50 marathon!!!!! Bring it on grrrrr!!!

  • Amy well done on the parkrun in the snow and the second place.

    and looks you ran well in the 5 mile run too.

    Once you have got sufficient heart rate data - ie maximum and what rate you cruise at and a rough point for your anerobic threshold, then you can train by heart rate as much as pace and RW used to do schedules totally on HR though personally think it should just be a rough guide.


    Yasso 800s tend to suggest a rough marathon pace (ie run them in 3:55 for 800m and suggests 3:55 is possible for marathon) though think you need 8 for it to be effective. I know many runners though with good speed who can easily run the time at 800 but can't sustain it for a marathon. I know for example at the moment, I could do 10 x 800 in 2:59 but am not yet anywhere near sub-3 marathon shape.

  • Amy, a couple of good sessions over the weekend, what have you got planned for the coming week

    RR, Sounds like you paced that progressive 10 miler perfectly well done

    Tim, well done with the 10 mile race encouraging signs do early in the campaign

    Steve, I'm sure the speed endurance will return, what realistically are you hoping for at VLM 


    I decided to get my 9 miles with 4 @ LT out of the way, it was a lot better than the same session two weeks ago.

    Splits 7:39, 7:42, 7:44, 7:52


  • good session Stewart. Encouraging to improve.

    I hope to have at least one more sub-3 in me and having done it first in 1976 extend the span from first to last to 39 years. If I stay fit and healthy and can get back to the shape I was in January before injury then maybe can do.

    However, increasingly difficult fighting off injuries after 40 years of distance running and losing a little speed each year.   

  • Amy would love to run with you, sounds like we would be well matched. I'll be up 13 - 16 Feb for the indoors, exactly half way through VMLM training for me, it's my treat every year to come up and support some of the sprinters I work with, and I stay at an hotel with pool & sauna, get a long run in.

    Yes, that sounds like where I've been. I was fine, couldn't believe the relaxed attitude of the dog owners though. One of them suggested I could report them to the police. I think I ran to Huddersfield, is this possible?

    My sister lives in Richmond, but I find Sheffield quite confusing.

    My platinum goals tend to be off the map, but then obe time I forgot my Garmin, and ran 80:02 in a 10 miler. Ok it was Cabbage Patch which is a breeze, but even so I coud have done better but fraked a 7 miles when my dial watch showed less than 55 mins elapsed.

    I'm doing a track session this morning before work [got my shift changes as the track isn't openng til 9 today!]

    Steve Marathon Coach, my brother is a year older than me, 58, and had been doing sub 3 marathons for decades like you [I only took up running late 40s], but then he sustained his first injury during a 24 hour race, and had a terrible time for a couple of years on and off.

    When I say terrible time, he went out to 3:10!

    I think you get smarter over time, and that offsets at least some of the ageing stuff - you can do it.

    Tim R2 - didn't see you! Well done.
  • Morning all, due to the ice last nights run was cancelled. So, I made good use of my time off work and went out this morning at 8am. A beautiful time of day to run with a decent frost on the ground and a bright sun rising over the hills. Kept the pace nice and easy (9:37avg) over 10.4 miles. Quite pleased with that as I really did take it easy this morning with some ice around and 500ft of climb included too.

    Well done on keeping it disciplined reikirabbit . Love the idea of the platinum goal! Would love to run sub 80 over 10 miles, it’s a target for next year, just need to find a flatish race. Hope the track session went well. I’ve not run on a track before. There is one half an hour up the road, may try and get down there soon.

    Good running Tim

    Well done on making the parkrun Amy. I was very disappointed to miss mine as I am only free for one Saturday out of the next thirteen. Will have a few after that though so looking forward to taking the kids as it keeps me in check with my pace (I get very carried away with 5k’s). I had to walk around a few patches of ice this morning myself, over 10 miles though it doesn’t make much odds to your pace and better safe than sorry! I tend to run off road much more these days, avoiding traffic and ice when I can.

    Good to see the session went well stewartC. A real confidence boost when it goes like that.

    Hope you stay fit and injury free Steve. If anyone knows what it takes to get another sub 3, you sound like the man!

  • Thanks. It's my PB course, last year I was fitter and faster.

    Personally a fast course is one with a good downhill second half. I ran mile 7 in 7:40 which more than made up for a couple of 8:45 uphill sections on the first half.
  • Heya PocketRocket..  really enjoying your thread now. Some really good contributions from JR, RR, BRB, R2-T2  & Stewart C! Great work folks. 

    R2-T2 do you make gurgly droid sounds during your runs.. I’ll have to keep an ear out for you at any event I do soon. I’ve not gone sub 83mins for 10M yet.. though my recent 10k PB (44:49) is calling for sub 75mins. I would dearly love to pace it like RR as it sounds like taking the running experience to a whole new level. I get concerned that I can’t maintain my pace little own increase it on any distance greater than 5 miles.

    I use A, B, C goals for marathons.. usually set A by the prediction calculators and then take 15 mins off for B and then a further 15 mins for C. I typically come in on my C goal though. Would love to see a platinum outcome.. How often does this happen RR?

    PocketRocket your sessions are going great! You really have got what it takes to go a long way sub 4. It’s also great to see you out enjoying parkrun and that the snow didn't cancel the fun. I use parkruns as both a slow pacing session or an all out blast. I typically am the 30 minute pacer at Hackney Marshes and it’s lovely to see and hear the positive responses, a real community feeling. However, after Christmas I decided I needed to get my annual parkrun PB sorted, I left it quite late this year. Anyway, I went to Barking parkrun on Christmas day (22:18) and then the Saturday at Hackney Marshes (21:20).. am absolutely gobsmacked by the 65 second PB at Hackney Marshes!! I actually think it might have something to do with this competition, not just the training. 

    I hope to see a few PBs from everyone on this thread in the coming weeks too!

  • That's a fast 10k. I tend to run in stealth mode so no gurgles or snorts from me. The occasional wheee as a speed up downhill, that's about it.

    The name comes from the Paris thread where a few of us changed our names to be more Starwars like and then within a couple of weeks lots of people on the forum got all Christmassy.
  • Bramster platinum has never happened is the beauty of platinum. These are numbers I plucked from the ether when I took up running, however I am very close to some of them now, so have moved the goalposts to keep them ridiculous image

    I started at the back and stayed there, then slowly found myself further up, and in summer 09 there must have been some sort of epidemic becsuse I won for age 6 consequetive times, from Pride 10K to the Salisbury 5-4-3-2-1 half, and then I got a bit more scientific and bcame interested in maximizing performance and being the best I could be, not just being there.

    In Vets age groups there is a layer of people VMLM call fast good for age, and if they show up no chance, but in any case I only ever really race myself, it's so rare to be in direct competition except at work regional and national events or some such reduced cohort.

    It is indeed a fast 10K.

    I must get back to Hackney Marshes, have been favouring Mile End for the hills.

    JustRun the track was white, very runnable though. I go a lot faster on the track, especially on Tuesday mornings when I'm the only non elite there.

    Sometimes I wish I had a hidden camera because it could look like I'm in a 400m race with the GB relay team some days at certain junctures. Which makes me smile.
  • some good running by all of late - well done on the parkrun improvement Bramster = hope to do a parkrun myself New Year's Day.

    Lots of hills today.


  • How was your hill session today Amy? I hope you managed to find a route that wasn't too icy. It's seriously treacherous around here at the moment! I went out after work for my interval session today and was hoping to do it around the local park, however every footpath was completely covered in ice so I had to resort to running up and down the same stretch of road.  It wasn't ideal but at least the road was flat and mainly ice free!

    Today's session was 1m jog to warm up (in 10:38) then 12x 200m at 5K pace (50-55 secs) with 200m in 90 secs recovery, followed by 1m jog to cool down (in 9:54).  I converted my watch to km and by coincidence the stretch of road I chose was about 400m long, enabling me to just go up and back 12 times for the intervals.  My times for the fast 200m ranged from 48secs (actually my last rep) to 53 secs so I was really pleased with my pacing for that part, however my pacing for the recovery wasn't so good as each rep only took about 70secs.  I found it really hard to jog that slowly.  Must try harder to stick to the paces again; this is becoming a recurring theme!

    Got 4m steady (9.30min/mile) tomorrow morning; fingers crossed I don't break an ankle as the ice really is starting to get ridiculous now!

    RR, I always have a gold, silver and bronze target for races too but I really like the idea of an additional platinum target I keep to myself.  I'll definitely be adopting that strategy for VMLM come April.

  • Phew, no broken ankles today! Still spent most of the run dodging sheet ice everywhere but managed my 4 miles in 37:33, av pace 9:22min/mile so not too bad. My splits weren't very even (9:14-9:42) but it was a hilly route as is unavoidable around here so overall it was the pace I wanted.

    Wishing everyone on the sub4 thread a very Happy New Year and may 2015 bring you everything you wish for (especially that sub4 marathon PB!)image

  • JR, A good run by the sounds of it, I'm enjoying the daylight runs this week

    Bramster, a good time for 10k, I have only ran one this year (48:22) 

    RR, it is always good to set an ambitious target, I think we all do, it must be a real experience to train along side elite athletes

    Steve, enjoy parkrun on NYD

    BRB, A really good interval session yesterday and easy 4 today,


    9 miles GA run yesterday afternoon, the conditions have improved considerably, no ice and pleasantly warm if a little breezy, I'll be getting out again for my last run of the year later, another 9 mile run will give me a round 2000 for the year image 

  • TRTR ✭✭✭
    Nice to see that this thread has settled down and is now about the training.

    Re tha target times, you shouldnt be more than about 5mins out from where you should be, given that you target senssibly. The first 1/2 should be easy to manitain pace and then even if you lose 30sec/mile then its only 6min and 30sec/mile is a massive slowdown. Dont give yourself the easy option of having a, b and c goals is probably the best way to view it having set a sensible target in the first place. Having said that I run to effort anyway.
  • Nice one TR.. that makes a lot of sense. Possibly a key reason why I faaade in the marathon is because I never really incorporate enough marathon pace into my long runs. I’ve just started to use progression runs and have felt amazing after a training run. If I can get these in around an A goal I won’t have to worry about setting B & C. I like the running to effort.. I’ve started to use heart rate in my training and find I no longer panic because I’m not trying to hit a pace.

    R2-T2 in stealth mode with occasional whee, like it! I wondered what the red nosed droid was all about. Brill!

    BRB .. you’re doing well on those icy hills. Nice to see you’re hitting the pace you aimed for. If you can’t jog recovery that slowly just walk.. it’s only the efforts that you need to get right... It’s very flat here in East London. I was supposed to do the same 12 x 200m session you did yesterday. However, one of the club coaches called a hills session @Spring Hill and so we went and did 8 x 80-100m hills @ 8:30-9.00mm.. followed by some gentle downs 6 x 100m @ 6.45mm.. and then a further 8 x 80-100m hill sprints @ 6:24 .. almost fainted! Never done a session like that before but was really good to step up the pace in that way.

    RR, Go team GB!.. hey you’re not far from me if you do Mile End! It’s a 15min jog from my place. I’m going to try get down to the Mile End track at some point for these Yasso800s and other track type sessions. I’m at Hackney Marshes volunteering for the New Years Day parkrun @10am tomorrow if you feel like coming down to say hi OR just going really fast. I agree about Mile End parkrun though. It’s a great tempo/Kenyan hill session with it’s repeating hills. I’ve only just realised that I’ve always had platinum goals for 5k, 10k and Marathon.. starting to close in on the 5k one now image

    Steve which parkrun will you do? Of course you’re always welcome at Hackney Marshes too.. but I think you are over near Crystal Palace. Whichever you choose let us know your time!

    Stewart C I was around 48’s for 10k 12 months ago.. I expect to see you closing the gap in the next few months! Congrats on ticking over 2000 miles.. but shouldn’t you do another 15M to break in the new year ?

    PocketRocket .. did I miss your your hill session? We had very firm and a little icy underfoot for ours.. it actually made things pretty good for running on.. I assume conditions are worse in Sheffield. I think you said you are skating 6M today

    Happy New Year folks.. 

  • TRTR ✭✭✭
    As a general rule of thumb someone should be able to do upto about 12 or 13m of mp tops in training and its a very tough run. Something like 10easy, 10mp is a good indicator too. I would keep long runs eay myself though to train the fat burning aspect. If you fade badly in marathons you need to build endurance and make sure that you are targetting sensibly on race day. Once you get under 2:45 then a bit more science might come in handy.
  • You’ll smash 80 minutes for 10m based on that 10k time Bramster! And your 5k time is awesome too!

    RR, I love running with the club, as like you at the track I’m surrounded by faster runners and it really pushes me on.

    We don’t have a new years day parkrun down here so those of you who do…enjoy!

    BRB, overall pace is what counts and you can probably allow yourself a few seconds for watching the ice!

    Daylight runs Stewart! I’m enjoying them this week too. I ran one 10k this year too, 49:11 on a pancake flat course. My first sub 50.  Just shy of 1000 miles for me this year.

    Last run of the year completed today. 6 miles along the canal at a steady pace. Legs did tire towards the end but that may have been due to the slight increase in pace over the last couple of miles and yesterdays 10 miles.

    Have a Happy New Year all, and Happy Running 

  • Thanks TR some great advice, I'm planning to do some of the longer MP runs in races this year, I'll do a decent length warm to make up the additional mileage, hopefully they will help me gauge what will be a realistic pace to run at

    JR a nice run following your 10 miler yesterday 

    9 miles easy today, on an undulating route, I'll run a recovery run tomorrow if I run at all.

    Happy New Year all image

  • Hi all I had a surprise today when I emerged from general anaesthetic to be handed a sheet on recovery from....a hernia!

    So my mad mystery is solved, the only question now really is whether running constitutes strenuous exercise - probably not the way I do it, but might have to miss PR tomorrow.

    Bramster some of the Mile Enders are on a double PR tour tomorrow I'd like to have done too. i might have to go check my cellar if you're 15 mins from the stadium!

    Happy New Year!

    See you in 2015.
  • Happy New Year.

    Bramster re Parkrun - not done Hackney yet - have done 19 different ones but will have to go as obviously fast course. My local ones are Hilly Fields, Greenwich (Avery Hill) and Bromley.

    Today though took advantage of the bank holiday and different starting times and did Whitstable which was great along the seafront and then went to Shorne Country Woods, which was good course and good surface to run on but it had 120 more than its previous record and already too narrow and being three laps, and lots of walkers and ramblers also on course, it was a bit chaotic.

  • Hope you recover OK from your "surprise" hernia op! I suspect they'd not be best please at you going tunning too soon- can you check with them?

    My run today was a recce run for my ultra- so 4 very slow hours on flooded, hilly trail.

  • Tricia, a tough run in those hills, well done

    RR, recover well from that OP

    Steve, well done with the parkrun double


    Happy New Year, it was supposed to be a recovery run today, but stretched it out to 7.5 miles @ around MP, it was a good run with some fellow joggies along the canal there was lots of puddles and a brutal headwind on the outward leg, average pace was around 8:40's a good start to the year.

  • Happy new year all!!

    Had the intention of running two parkruns this morning but alas only managed 7 miles @mara pace much later in the day.

    Amy, any chance you could tell me how far your long run this weekend is and at what pace please.

    ditto strong winds StewartC , kite surfers were getting 40 ft of air today!!

  • according to schedule Amy was down to run 13 miles in 2 hours to 2 hours 10

  • Thanks Steve will try and be disciplined and go for 2 hours

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