1st race & I'm injured, Mirfield, W yorks

I entered the Leeds Dash, 1/12/02 and have injured a ligament in my foot playing football. I was doing so well - the football really helped my running. Now I haven't run for 5 wks and am really fed up. Not sure if its too late to train for a 10k run - my ankle still hurts but I'm getting it treated.


  • Keep your spirits up. I am running my first race at Leeds too, hope you recover in time
  • Sarah

    You've had a lesson I learned many moons ago - if you've entered a race stay clear of any other contact sports!!. Try a bit of cycling to keep your cardiovascular strength up and or swimming. I've been running for 10 years now (18 marathons) and have been lucky enough not to have had a single ankle injury, but I would imagine that it can be frustrating. I did have plantar fasciitis once (bottom of foot) and was out for around 6 weeks. The best thing I could advise is to keep having the treatment, don't run until its 100% and try the cross-training mentioned above to keep your fitness levels up.

    By the way, my Dad lives in Mirfield and I'm from Huddersfield (live in Naples, Italy now though) - small world eh?!!

    Hope this helps

  • If it helps, i'd trained for six months then damaged my knee ligaments during my first race. This made it impossible to run and even swimming was difficult due to the nature of the injury.

    The important thing was that, although I was feeling like the previous months had been for nothing, I DIDN'T rush back. This paid dividends and just six weeks after returning to full training I completed the Great North Run.

    Think positively about what you will achieve by allowing the injury to recover completely and don't dwell on the fact that, for now, you've been stopped in your tracks. Good luck.
  • Be positive and gentle - it's amazing how things can get better. I'm doing the Dash as well, by the way - I'm in Shipley.
  • Hi
    I've just been out injured for five weeks and started training again today I'm also doing the Leeds dash. I'm from Pontefract by the way.
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