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Could someone please help? I want to do a triathlon. I do not have a triathlon bike, I have a Trek 1000 road bike.
I was surfing the net the other day when I came across a site which went in to detail about how to transform a road bike so it was more suitable for a triathlon. My problem is that I can't find the site. I stumbled across it, so it's not in my history. Does anyone know of it or any other sites?


  • ET - There is not a great deal of difference between a road bike and a triathlon bike. The great majority of tri's (for age-groupers) have non-drafting bike sections so most triathletes adopt a time-trial set up which normally means aerobars (tribars) to provide a more aerodynamic position and perhaps adjusting the saddle forwards to improve comfort and efficiency when in the aero position. Limitations on how far forward the seat can go mean that some people will invest in a forward angled seatpost.
    At the end of the day it is a matter of comfort and personal preference. After many years of experimentation with tribars and seat positions, I have found that my best bike splits have come with a conventional road race set up.
    The only other accessories you may need are the means to carry spare tubes, tools and food - particularly if you intend to enter some of the longer races.
    Any good bike shop would be able to advise you further.
  • Thanks for the advice Ironbloke. I'm definitely going to fit tribars. I might just wait and see whats what at that triathlon 2003 gig-thing.
  • ET, here's a very technical article on tri geometry. Slowtwitch is a good site anyway for advice on all things tri.

    I'm with Ironbloke though. Stick with a road set up for training and fit tri bars and make minor adjustments during the race season.
  • That web-site is really most excellent - thanks.
    Is there a good informative triathlon magazine or something that can help me get into the sport? I am currently running 3-times a week (twice with a club), cycling 80-110 miles on a saturday and swim 5 times a week (2 of those in a structured swimming group). I also try to fit in 2-weight sessions a week.
    My problem is that I may be doing it all wrong. I'm hoping this Tri,Cycle,Run04 will sort me out. Is there any good reading material or a programme somewhere that could help?
  • Great website - I'd not come across it before - Thanks!

    Your programme (ET) seems OK to me although I would drop 1 weight and 1 swim and do a bit more on the bike. I know it's difficult in the winter with the lack of light and having to work and all but I have found that doing a spin class once a week (or even doing an hour spin, or turbo, on my own) is good winter training.

    The exhibition should be good (it was last yr) and helpful for picking up training advice.
  • ...almost forgot; 220magazine is pretty good. They have a website:
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