Started traing for flm today!!

Started training for the flm today from scratch, also running the leeds 10k on 1/12/02. Would be interested to hear from anyone in a similar postion so we can help each other out, particularly anyone leaving near Wakefield.I ran about 2 mile today (stopping and walking about 4 times) and i thought i was going to die.


  • Martin,

    I ran FLM 2001, and haven't run since. I started again about four weeks ago, and could barely get round 2 miles (co-incidentally, I had to stop four times as well). I'm now up to four miles, without stopping, in 36 minutes, which, personally, I don't think is too bad.

    I'm no expert, but I would suggest: don't push too hard, too early. It's not how far or how fast you go at this stage, but the getting out there on a regular basis that seems important - build up gradually, and you'll be surprised at yourself. I started off by running 2 miles every two or three days, then moved up to three, and now four. I don't run the same distance every time - currently a mix of three and four-milers. You need to allow your body to recover as it gets used to this new exercise you're putting it through. From what I hear, allowing your body to recover is just as important as anything else. And being slow isn't a crime either - there are a lot of fast people on this website - but there are a lot of us slowies as well.

    There are also some good training schedules on here somewhere...

    Trust me, keep at it, and it will get easier!

    Best of luck, and leep us posted.

  • Hi there Martin. There's nothing wrong with stopping and walking when you are first starting out on your running career. In fact, a lot of the training schedules for beginners will tell you to do this. A common mistake is to start off to fast, so start off walking instead, then start to run once you have started to loosen up.

    Make sure that you increase your mileage gradually (no more 10% increase per week) and make sure that you have some good quality running shoes bought from a specialist running shop. They will be able to suggest shoes that suit your running style. Most importantly, enjoy your running and keep us informed as to how you are getting on.
  • Hi Martin,

    Nice to find another person in yorkshire! I am in bradford... anyway, I digress..

    I am hoping for a marathon place too.. have been running (not that commitedly at times) since April, and done 2x5k, 2x10k races. good fun! I am gearing up to the York half marathon which is in January next year. I am also not so fast, but it is the activity and exercise I am interested in. Personal acheivement is a bonus too - there is nothing like finishing a race, or running for 30 minutes non stop (albeit slightly downhill!) to make you feel like you are really getting somewhere.

    Well done to you for committing to something. There are loads of training schedules here - click on the training tab, and scroll down to the beginners section - it is very helpful. I am now starting to follow the 100 day training programme for beginners half marathon, that includes walk/run stuff.

    There is a good article here somewhere about walk/run and why it works - I found it most helpful.

    Take care!

  • Hi Martin

    I'm not training for FLM but I got roped into a fun run 4K with 2 weeks notice when I hadn't run for 20 years. I also smoke and ride a desk all week but by using the walk/run (no choice initially) I built up to a good steady pace in those 2 weeks and did the race in 14:23 coming 46th out of over 200.

    There is hope for all if I can do it. Don't forget that if you are running you need to be properly hydrated, start drinking more water about 3 hours before the run, not just before you go out and try running with a friend if you've got one mad enough to join you.

    What prompted you to do this anyway?
  • Where in wakefield? I live in Morley and am incredibly slow!
  • I'm nr Dewsbury and don't like running on my own now the nights are drawing in. Are you safe?
  • I would describe myself as a part time runner, run for a few weeks up to 20 miles then take a few weeks off. At 15 stone any longer than 35-40 mins means sore knees etc. Then I read the article about walk/run and salvation arrived. I used to run a lot as a kid and loved the early morning long run for two to three hours. With walk /run I have been able to return to this albeit slowly and just did the great north run being rescued at 9 miles by the Get you round running group which saw me through to the finish. Read the article it has some great ideas. (Bottom left of home page.

    All the best

  • Hi Martin,
    I sent my application for the FLM last Monday, Never competed in a race since doing a 10k when aged 20(now 36),Decided to go for it a few weeks back now that im running regularly(4 times a week). Managed 8 miles last sunday, My problems seem to be getting injured which put me back to square 1, Hope the training goes well for you determination is the key to succeeding & how much you really want to cross the finishing line.
    good luck!
    p.s. when do you recieve notification informing whether your in?
  • I was in exactly the same position as you two months ago. I gave up smoking three months ago and then decided to train for FLM, having not exercised for ten years.

    My first run was the most painful thing ever: I could only do two minutes of running before collapsing in a heap and sounding like I had a serious lung condition. I gradually built up my running by doing a combination of run and walk. So, I did 2mins running, 1min walk x 10 for the first week and built it up from there, so that I did more and more running, but I'm still often doing some walking in my training sessions - look at some of the RW schedules, they're very helpful. Now I can run for half an hour, which I never ever thought I'd be able to do. I know there's still a long way to go before the marathon, but hitting the milestone of half an hour is a big deal, and I think if I can do it, you certainly will be able to.

    My only problem is that I sprained my ankle this morning so I've got to lay off the running for a bit - I'm now so addicted I don't know how I'll manage.

    I'm afraid I live in London, so can't help you on the training partner front, but people on this site seem always to recommend clubs for finding like-minded running bods...
  • Just read all these messages and there are a few of us mad people who hope to run the marathon. Are any of you really as slow as me, I wonder!! (10K in 62mins)
  • To Carmel, you are not that slow, my best for a 10k is 65mins, but hoping to beat this next weekend. Have entered the London Marathon and waiting to see if I get in, currently on a maintance program after completing the GNR. Finding it hard to train in this cold weather, only 1c this morning when I set off for the gym.
  • Nighteyes,
    If memory serves me well, we find out we're in in December. There may be a delay though in finding out if we're not in!
    Good Luck.
  • Carmel: 10k in 67 minutes
    marathon in 5 hours 59 miutes and 8 seconds
  • I've set up a spreadsheet to plot out all my training runs extrapolated up to marathon distance, which seems to be a good way of comparing runs of different distances.

    Currently ranging between 4:50 (from a 1.8 mile race) and 6:20! Hoping that the graph starts showing an improving trend eventually!
  • Hi Martin, I've also applied for FLM and have only started running again in recent weeks. I'm now up to 3 miles, four times a week...only got to be able to do another 23 by April 03!! I'm doing a 10k in December. So keep going and with luck we'll both be at the FLM starting line. I think we get to hear in December whether or not we've got a place.
  • Very late November/very early December is usually the time to hear.

    You can discover a bit earlier by seeing if the cheque has been cashed, assuming you haven't bequeathed it to charity.

    The hardest thing I foudn was keeping up the trainign when I didn't know if I was in or not. Having other runs to do helped with this. There are even other marathons around the same time (e.g. Paris, Sheffield, Robin Hood) if you don't get in.

    I've got a place as I had to withdraw last year - best of luck to you with it :o)

  • We're mad, aren't we!!!
  • Carmel - yeah and your point is?
  • Iv entered the FLM . Got my first race ever tomorrow (sunday) 5miles really, really scared.
  • Carla,
    After 3 weeks of training from scratch for the flm i ran 5 miles today for the first time. In the pouring rain i didnt stop once and did it in 45 mins. I can't believe ive come this far already.

    Good luck tommorrow you can do it, focus on how you will feel when you cross that finishing line.
  • bloody hell martin, you must be younger than me
  • 29 and over weight. I think it must have been something in the lucozade sport i drank b 4 or the acid rain, iam still in shock.
  • hi martin I am training for flm,ran great north run,keep at it and you will soon be running longer don,t rush.By the way anybody in the lancaster area looking for a training partner who is nuts let me know on here.
  • Hi all
    Am too waiting to see if flm app successful. Have learnt a major lesson already in taking it gradually, as silly me couldn't do the GNR due to a calf tear caused by doing too much too soon. But things are getting better as today is going to be the first training run for about 2 months..
    Should be fun.....

  • Carla, how did you get on?
  • It was great 49mins cant wait for the next one. Thanks for the good luck wish Martin read it before I went out this morning it helped as the nerves were getting to me.
  • Niceone Carla - well done!! :o)

    When's the next race?
  • Well done Carla i told you could do it, what a time! Where was it and where are you racing next.
  • Deal 5 miler thats in Kent. Next is Margate 10 in Dec. Listen to me I sound as if I do this all the time. Only started running in Feb on 43rd birthday and giveing up smokeing.Thanks for all your kind words.
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