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I just want to say a quick "Hi" because I am about to join your club but have never posted on this particular forum before (I regarded it as "Members only") and probably won't be posting much for the next few months because I'll be working at a client site. I have been following the club and reading the posts from the outset, but only thought about joining at Windsor. Seeing all the URWFRC vests made me wish I had paid attention and could put names to the faces (or from my perspective, backs).

Dog Walker's post about the vests has finally made up my mind - if I don't join now I will miss the vest order cut off and probably regret it ever afterwards. Must work now, but will log go to all the relevant sites to register/order later.

See you all on the road/net sometime. Oh, I should have said, I am a short, overweight, thirtysomethingish, woman, so you'll know me when you see me!



  • Welcome Val. Don't be put off by some of the threads in here - everyone is really very friendly despite some of the weird posts!

    The main thing is that everyone has something in common - running - and the level of support and help that is offered to anyone needing it, is amazing.

    Happy running!
  • Welcome Ratcatcher!

    Glad you've decided to come and join us. We're a sociable bunch and we have a lot of fun, both on the forum and meeting at races.

    See you about.

  • G'Day young lady. Welcome.
  • New to the site quick message to say hello and Good luck to all in the Liverpool and Chester 10K this weekend
  • Welcome, Ratcatcher! I think we've met on another forum. Hang around. I look forward to eating your dust at a race before too long. What are you doing next?

    Cheers, V-rap.
  • Ratcatcher,

    I bid you a warm welcome. If you have a darker side you know where we are.


    Have you decided who the weird ones are yet? I haven't spotted any.

  • Well I'm a bit weird, but I'm trying to control it.
    Welcome Ratcatcher. Picture?

  • That's because the very weird ones are in disguise as 'nice' people!
  • Don't control it

  • Your smooth hypnotic lines might work on the more nocturnal of us here, but they don't wash with me!
  • v-rap - yes, we have met on the other forums. I do feel I know you, and the others, rather well by now from reading your posts all these months. I am doing the Henley half on Sunday, the Cabbage Patch the next week and then that's it for the year. It's a pity I won't get to wear the new vest for a while.

    SimonF - good point about the photo. I did try and add one when they first switched to the new site, but my best running photo was the wrong size and I never bothered to update it. Now I just need to download that picture of Michelle Pfeiffer to add...
  • That'll do nicely.
  • Ratcatcher,

    Just thought I'd pop in to say hi before I go home for the weekend.
    Amanda was right, some of them are extremely weird but wonderfully friendly!

    See you around
  • Hi ratcatcher, I was a newbie last week, even the wierder amongst the forumites are quite sweet really when you get going :-) In fact I think it's catching, I can feel myself getting wierder every day.....

    Haven't ventured onto the Dark Side yet tho - too scary!

    See you around....
  • NessieNessie ✭✭✭
    Other forums? Other forums? NOOOOOOOOOO!!!
  • You are all madder than a box of frogs.

    As for who's the weirdest - well that would be telling .... but some of you on the Dark Side thread are pretty strange. I think I should probably read it in the evening when I have had a couple of drinks then I might understand what's going on a little more!!

    Anyway, enjoy it everyone and have a good weekend.
  • Hi ratcatcher
    BK willhelp with a picture if you ask him nicely, hes usually to be found on the dark side, not that Im tempting you or anything
  • The Dark Side is a very happy, sweet, heart warming place Ratcatcher, don't listen to the non believers!
    Come now my sweet, I'll look after you... he he.
  • Hello Ratcatcher, and welcome :)
  • Hello ratcatcher, you don't play the flute by any chance to you?

    Welcome (I'd steer clear of the dark side for now if I were you, or you'll never get any work done again). Beware though - the forum is twice as addictive as running with few of the health benefits.
  • Evening Paula, A few requests for info regarding Coniston, if you can help
  • Welcome Ratcatcher - see you at the Cabbage Patch.
  • Is there a simple place I can find out what this forum/club is all about. I feela bit of a fraud for piling in without any regard for etiquette and the like. Good to be able to chat with a bunch of fellow runners though.
  • Hi Ratcatcher and welcome to the maddest most addictive forum in the whole world!
  • Anyone coming on the dark side tonight? It's awful lonely, and I've only just got brave enough to go there!
  • Flute, ???
    I used to play
    And piccolo
  • I'm back darksiders!
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