A good training plan

Does anyone know of a web site which can point me in the direction of a good training plan for beginners. Or do you have a good training plan. I am very unfit so would need to start of slow.


  • Hi Salty

    If you click on the grey training tab at the top of this page you will find information on training schedules for beginners.

    The run/walk program building up to 30 minutes continous running within 8 weeks is one which has been used successfully by quite a number of the peeps on these forums. Once you get to this point you can then decide where you want to go next.


    Start off and build up slowly. Don't try to do too much too soon. Your cardio system will improve faster than your muscles, tendons ligaments etc so give your legs a chance to get use to the punishment you are giving them before ramping up the time/distance.

    Get proper running shoes from a running store before you start or your running could be interupted by injury before you get going.

    For the first 6 months at least all your runs should be at a pace at which would allow you to carry on a conversation/sing a song without gasping, if you can't you are running too fast.

    Remember that the body adapts to the stresses of training during the rest days. Rest is just as important to improvement as the training, so begin by only training every second day.

    Good luck and happy running.

  • Hi, Thank you very much, having had a look at the 8 week plan I think I will give it a try. Thanks for your help
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