New York Marathon

On November 3rd the day of the New York marathon I will take part in my first ever overseas event.

I have ran the Last 3 London Marathons in 5:59, 5:20, and last year 4:20.

I am a heavy runner at 16 stone but I enjoy my running.

Please could anyone offer advice regarding temperature, clothing, getting to the start or any other usefull tips

Colin Bruniges


  • Suggest you have a look at the new York marathon thread over on UWRFC
  • Do what Sythree says, come join us there ! and also take a look at New York Road Runners web site at for all the info you are after plus daily tips.
  • Good luck to anyone running this race.
    Hope you don't mind me asking this on your thread colin but i was thinking of running this race next year.Could anyone give me an idea of the cost involved in taking part ie,travel,hotel,entry fee.
    I would probably be travelling on my own and taking the budget option, an 'of the top of your head' figure would do fine just to give me an idea.
    Thanks, charlie
  • Charlie

    SPORTS Tours is the company £500.00 bought a return air ticket plus race entry.

    accom. was offered but looked a bit expensive so i sought my own via the web
  • Mr Silly - as mentioned above, go to the new york marathon thread in the "Unofficial..." forum here and ask the same thing there. That's where all the new york runners "meet" and you'll probably get all the info. you need.
  • Mr Silly.
    I got a direct flight from Heathrow to JFK with Air india for £240 ( including tax ). The entry fee was 75 dollars, the hotels were difficult, not much available at budget prices in the location I wanted .
    With single supplement, I ended up paying £270 for three nights in want seems to be a good hotel near central park. I did find some cheap prices from about £30 a night but they were shared facilities and a bit far away for me.
    As far as I can establish Taxis from the airport are about £30 -£40 but there are buses available.
    Add to these will be food .

    Come and join us over on the other threads. george.
  • George...(& all other NYC marathon runners)
    You can get a shuttle from JFK to Manhattan, which is far cheaper then the yellow cab. MInd you, its a flat fare into Manhattan from JFK. So if you can share a cab with another run, so much the better.
    Remember - Flat fare is only valid coming into Manhattan. Going to JFK, you pay the full whack.
    If you get a chance, go to Woodbury Common shopping outlet. Catch a bus from the Port Authority Bus station. Its a all day thing, so best done after the run on Monday. OK, i know the legs have seized up, you can hardly walk and the thought of wondering around shopping....well at Woodbury Common the money you save and the stuff you can buy. It's worth it. I have a fortune shopping there. Fancy a bite, check out Rosie O'Gradys.
    I done NYC for 5 consecutive years. It's great. I'll miss this year due to injury sustained running FLM in April and lack of race fitness.
    GOOD LUCK TO ALL NYC runners.
  • You have to get to the start ages before the race begins, so wrap up warm, the army camp is right by the river so it can be very cold. All discarded clothes are given to NY homeless. Last year temperatures were in the seventies during the race so it's worthwhile taking sun block. There are buses which leave from a square in Manhattan to the start. Last year this was the only way to get to the start as security was very tight. Make sure you get to the buses in plenty of time, the queues are enormous.

    The friendship run on the Saturday is worth doing, great atmosphere and great route ending in Central Park where the marathon finishes.

    The support on route is amazing. Writing your name on your shirt is an essential. Being Mexican seemed to help too.

    Enjoy it.

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