Divided long runs

Back in October I volunteered to help lead my club's beginners programme for 2004 (every Sunday, Feb-May). S0d's Law being what it is meant I then got a ballot place for FLM.

I would still quite like to help with the beginners who will be starting from scratch doing walk/run and will be up to about 4 miles by marathon day.

At the moment I'm thinking of doing half my long run, then escorting the beginners, then finishing my long run, but am a little concerned that this will reduce the effectiveness of the long run. What do you think?

(Doing my long run on Saturday is not really an option by the way)


  • Someone must have an opinion

  • personally, i wouldn't divide it.... can't you do the beginners thing as a warm up then do your long run?

    or do the long run afterwards?
  • murf,
    some people might disagree but i feel,having done a few marathons,that the real work as it were is done in the midwk runs.the long runs will help build up you endurance for the marathon so pace might not be as significant as some feel.if you can do a couple of races at marathon pace say a half or a 20 miler beforehand then you should be ok.get the 3 key session in during the mid wk runs ie i speed session,one medium distance long run and one tempo run and if you want to add a 40 min fartlek on the day before your slow run you can.it'll make your long runs more enjoyable for you and the beginners and you will hit your target.
  • Start really early and get the long run out of the way first ? I'd prefer to do that.
  • Surely the idea of the long run is to have time on your feet, so if you do half the long run, keep moving and take out the beginners, then do the rest of your long run, that is time on your feet - it's just like having a slower bit in the middle of the long run?

    I did my last marathon training on 10 miles in the morning and 8 miles in the evening, twice a weeks, with only long runs of 17-18 miles non-stop (maximum) on a Sunday. I did 3.33.17 so something worked.
  • Thanks for you thoughts peeps.
    Midweek runs are no problem - current plan is
    Mon - swim/rest
    Tue - tempo (up to 10 miles)
    Wed - steady 5-6
    Thu - speed, 800m-1600m intervals/fartlek
    Fri - gym session (non running CV & upper body stuff)
    Sat - rest
    Sun - long

    Could run long before the beginners Cougie, but I have enough trouble getting up in time to get out the door by 8am, so I think getting up early enought to fit in a 2-3+hr run before joining up with the beginners is doomed to failure!

    I've entered for a 10k, a half and a 20mile race at various stages and have already excused myself from the beginners on those days. Also plan one or two other 20s though probably not in races.

    I'll probably end up doing some half before, half after and excusing myself from others particularly 18/20s so I can run them with the other club marathoners; I'm not good at running that far on my own.
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