London Marathon Runners and Supporters Thread

Welcome to the annual thread for runners and supporters at the London Marathon.

For those who are new to this, we have a bunch of volunteers who provide a custom support station at Mudchute, around mile 16-17.  We will have an abundance of jelly babies, jaffa cakes, cheers and hugs waiting for any runners who need it, or runners can leave their own custom supplies that we can have ready for them.

Obviously to make such an event a success we need your help.  So if you are running London, maybe it is your first time, and you want to see friendly faces, or you are an experienced runner who just want a wave, then please sign up on the RUNNERS list below.

We also need volunteers to run the support station.  Those of you who benefited from our support last year, maybe you feel that you would like to give something back.  Or maybe you are a friend or family of a runner and want to watch from somewhere where it will be easy for your runner to find you.  If you feel that you are able to help out them please sign up on the SUPPORTERS list below.  No prior experience is necessary.








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