Hi All

I'm always on the look out for new methods of training and pilates seems to be one of the buzz things at the moment.

Has anyone given it a go??

If so, what is it like? What were the benefits?

What other alternative exercies systems do people use? I tried Yoga but found it wasn't for me.

Lok forward to hearing all the weird and wonderful things you get up to.



  • I've done pilates on and off for the last 2 years and would thoroughly recommend it.

    It's basically a load of streching - but focussing on the core muscles; abs and back.

    It's all very relaxed and mellow and you hardly break a sweat but it's hard work and you'll feel it the next day.

    Best bit is each exercise has up to 5 levels - 1 being dead easy and 5 very difficult - so you can just do it at whatever level you fancy.

    It's a good de-stressing tool aswell. I've done it with two different instructors - one was very peaceful and we listened to whale music while doing it, the other was slightly more strenuous.

    Either way - give it a go. It certainly helped my running, my stress levels and my still fruitless quest to get a six-pack.

    Oh, and you don't have to be a Geri Halliwell type - I'm a 6'2", 15stone bloke and still enjoyed it.

  • I do Pilates, have been going to classes for about 5 months and it has really helped my back problems as well as improving my posture and keeping stomach and ab muscles in shape.
    I agree with all said by arnie it can be easy or hard depending on the level your'e working at but do know that some people don't take to it. I've also done yoga for many years but have given up in favour of pilates it gets my vote.
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