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I love running. I love Marathons. I love pushing myself. I love being pushed! I would love to be mentored to a Boston qualifying time. I have the drive, the determination and the grit to push when times get tough and in Manchester on the 19th April 2015 I’m getting that QT.

P.B’s are Marathon 3:14:06, Half-1:33:07, 10k-41:02 and 5k-19:24 all done in 2014. With a little help from my friends trying for sub- 3:09:xx in 2015.



  • Good luck and well done Rich. Cheerful Dave will be a good mentor. Will be following your progress with interest dude.
  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭
    Well done Rich!
  • Great! Delighted! Looking forward to the journey!

    Thanks M...Eldy, Minnie and KR. hope you guys will be following this thread! 

    I'd like to say Hi to Cheerful Daveimage

    Also looking forward to shaking this Chesty cough so I can get running again. Had to miss my 14 miler today and really feeling a little miffed about it. But I know it's better to miss it that do myself some damage! 

    The journey begins........image

  • Dave- Thought I'd tell you which plan I'm following you can have a look and see why I chose it. It has a slow build up. But a little of everything.

    15/12/14 was the date I started,

    These are my training paces-

    Easy run=8:12, Tempo=6:48, Vo2 max=6:07 Speed 5:40, LR=8:10-9:15, Yasso=3:08 Marathon Pace- 7:14.


    Hal Higdons Marathon schedule Advanced 2


    Just finished week 5 with 13 pleasurable weeks left.

    Away to get another hot honey drink and a few more paracetamolsimage

  • Welcome to the 'get Rich quick' thread.

  • Lol !!!! You been thinking of that post for long Dave?!

  • Ha Ha magic! sounds good to me! 

  • Higdon's a decent plan Rich.  I don't follow one myself but I'm probably doing something not far off that.  Although I do like to start earlier with a long plateau to race day. Lots of plans seem to assume you're starting from scratch, but with 26 marathons done already you'll have a good endurance base.

    So, how's the plan gone so far (well, up to skipping today!)?  Missing the odd session won't be a big deal at this stage.

    And tell us about that marathon PB last year - did you have a target for that one, how did it go on the day?  Oh, and which one was it?

  • Thought of it this morning Melds, once I'd worked out who the sub 3:10 guy was.

  • As a good friend says .... It wasn't feckin rocket science image

  • Aye (Scottish for yes) lol  training has went to plan. Not missed a run and the Pace is fine. Had a few ankle niggles currently getting sorted by a physio. Flat feet are the cause apparently. 

    Last year I followed the RW 3:15 schedule for the Lochaber Marathon.It  was a step up in pace for me and felt it! with 6 weeks to go I got food poisoning and put me out for 2 weeks,  not feeling 100% for a few weeks after that. But managed a 9 miler at 7mm and my confidence returned. Race day went really well paced it right. another half mile and I would have cramped up but crossed the line almost a minute before I wanted to. 

    Now I know I can do that, it makes this target within reach.  

    5 mins doesn't seem a lot but it's 11 seconds a mile! image

  • Forgot to say My Strava link is here;

    Won't be adding to it tomorrow though I don't think unless the health fairy visits in the night? image

  • Good luck Rich -  hope you reach your target image

  • Cheers Em. Will be following you guys too! Good luck! 

  • MalcsMalcs ✭✭✭

    Rich - congrats and best of luck!

    'get Rich quick' - lol, love it image

  • Cheers Malcs I know, I think that one was in in a xmas cracker image. It's going to be the Motto for the thread though- nice one Dave image 

  • So Rich, you've run 26 marathons, you know how to pace them, what do you need me for? image

    Actually, one thing I'll say up front is that one thing lots of people do when they're trying for a faster marathon is they make their long runs quicker to match.  I think it's a confidence thing - they're worried they won't be able to keep up with x:xx pace on race day so they go and run their 20 milers at that pace.  Problem is, come race day they're knackered, basically.  Long runs are for endurance, shorter runs & intervals are for speed.  A half marathon a couple of months before your marathon is for confidence, if you need it.

    Anyway, that's my soap box moment.  TR is probably saying something similar on his mentee's thread!

  • Congrats Rich!!

    I'm hoping to follow your thread and pop in every now and again.  I'm aiming for nearer 3:15 but will have a good nosy at what you're up to image.

  • sensesense ✭✭✭

    Good luck rich (and cheerful dave). I'll mainly be trying to keep up with my own new mentor thread (with TR) but will doubtless lurk on yours too, if only for more first class "get rick quick" gags, love it

  • Ha ha , Sense- that's great you and TR are a great match! I'll be looking in on yours too .

    God I hate this phone it's so hard to type on!

    Dave- that's one thing I have learned too about the LR. I do stick to a nice east pa e for me it's 8:15 to 8:45 . I always stick to that while ch is great as I'm normally still full of beans afterwards.

    I'll type a lot more after work this is awful on this phone.

    Not sure about going out for a 4 miler tonight? See how I feel after work. image
  • Catching up on the RW threads after a weeks holiday - good to see this one, nice target Rich image. About 5 minutes too quick for me (well that's the plan hopefully) but I will follow...if only because CD is my brother and he's never given me any running tips, apart from the time he just told me off for getting beaten in a parkrun by a lady with a dog image.

    Totally agree on the long run pace - there are a couple of guys on Minni's thread who bang out 20 milers at 7.30 pace or quicker....and they get injured a lot.  I'm similar to you - I work on a rough MP + 60 pace, so anything between 8.20 and 8.30 is my usual pace for long runs.

  • Not entirely true Freemers - there was also the time I pointed out that your parkrun pb was slower than your (then) 10 year old nephew's, thus motivating you to outsprint the little guy the next time you met.  Anyway, stick around, you'll be good for 3:09.  Or thereabouts.

    Rich, see how you feel mate.  Those very short runs are the weak point of the Higdon plan if you ask me.  Missing one with a bout of he-bola won't be the end of the world.

  • Yeah, I hate doing the 3 milers, wife sees it as a waste of good washing machine space! image

    Aye aye freemers, welcome to the mad house image don't feel bad, I've been beaten by a 14 year old! Sought revenge the following week though!image
  • CD - I think CD Junior might have been only 9 at the time (summer 2012 if I recall) image

  • I have another incentive for going for 3:09 apart fromthe Boston Qualifying time. A lad I used to train with(I was quicker) went and got 3:11! So being all macho and competitive I have to get under that time! image

    Another target that I could maybe head for is 3:05 which would be a London QT! But we will speak about that nearer the time. Closer to the race I'll get a good idea of where I'm at. 

    Another thing I'm trying to do is lose weight. Currently 207lbs but was 214lbs at the start of the campaign. Apparently losing a pound will take a minute off your Marathon time. So when I did Lochaber I was 197 so I need to get to 192! Achievable!

    Freemers- Thats some 9 year old! 

  • Taking the night off! Have bruised tubes with all the coughing! image Buzzing for some hill reps tomorrow night though!

    Got a busy week! 

    Monday- Ill

    Tuesday- Not ill! Hill reps 6 x 2mins with W/up and C/Dn

    Wed- 4 miles easy

    Thurs- 35 min tempo

    Fri- 14 miles LR

    Sat-7miles easy.

    Sun- XC race 6miles.

    Throwing in LR on Friday as I am racing this weekend. So taking out my MP run this week image

    will be 41 for the week if all goes to planimage

    I so want to get going! I hate being ill! 

  • Good to see you moving things about in the plan to suit other things, Rich.  Some people start on a plan and get into a right panic about sticking to it rigidly.  They're a guide really.  You've obviously done this often enough to know that!

    If it was me, I'd be tempted to move the 7 easy to wednesday, and I'd probably do it a bit quicker than proper easy, without feeling like a hard tempo run.  Or I'd swap one or both of the easy runs for biking, if time allowed but that's because I'll be doing some triathlons over the summer and maybe a duathlon or two in the run up to VLM.  Have you noticed how many of the mentees are triathletes this year?  At least 4 have raced ironman, and TR is very swift over a half IM.

    One tip I've picked up for racing spring marathons is not to skimp on layers.  Every year lots of people complain that they had a poor run because of the heat, on what's only a warm spring day.  When they spend all winter in a t-shirt whatever the weather, then the first warm day in April is going to feel like a scorcher.  So I go for the layers, on the basis that it's the closest I'll get to warm weather training.

    Weight loss I can't help you with Rich, I guess a bunch will come off as the long runs build up but you probably don't want to do what I do and use running as an excuse to eat anything.

    Out of interest, once you've got your BQ are you planning on going over to do it?

  • CD- Yip always wanted to do it and qualifying would be a dream come true!!

    I guess I'm on a seafood diet at the moment( you know the one)! Eating is getting better but still endulging far too much! 

    I have always wanted to do a tri! Was going to do a Half IM this year Lochloman. But my baby is due a week after and thought it's a hell of a lot of training to miss a race! So I'm doing Peterhead sprint instead! Not started my swimming yet but was going to do a few mornings a week. Last year I entered two races but was away with work and missed them! Bummer!!

    I'm always covered up. I normally wear tights with shorts on top to cover the package-wifes idea image and mostly a longsleeve top with jacket. That's a great tip! never thought of it as heat training. always hat and gloves this time of year and a mask covering my face to stop the asmatic symptoms coming on. 

  • TRTR ✭✭✭
    Im with CD, base laye, some sort of other layer over that and I wear a hat or cap too, even I the summer I run in a cap to build heat stress. I only ever leave the cap off then on race day, I wear layers in low priority races and am still training in layers in april pre vlm even when the weather starts warming up.

    You read race reports particularly IM race reports and spring marathon race reports and folks say how hot it was. I like the idea of tranjng through the summer for an autumn marathon in terms of being weather hardened.
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