I'm currently in the last bit of preparation for the Dublin marathon and I'm suffering from constant headaches. I'm not doing anything different from previous marathon training, ie water consumption, food etc. I'm hoping its just down to something laking in my diet (I'm also a veggie). Is there any supplements / vitamins that I can take that my help ??


  • Are you sure you are drinking enough water... I don't mean to be personal but what colour is your urine? I get really bad headaches when I get dehydrated.
  • My urine is generally quite clear and I'm drinking around 3 litres of water plus an isotonic drink on run days. Without being up and down to the loo all day I don't think I could drink much more than that !
  • Do you get very tense in your neck and shoulders when you run? I find I have to conciously relax my upper body sometimes as I tend to scrunch up my shoulders.
  • Are you under a lot of pressure, at work, home or focussing to much on getting a good time at Dublin. It could be good old stress.

    If it continues though, see a doctor.
  • On long runs I do get tense around the neck and shoulder, but the headaches are happening more frequent than my long runs.
    Looks like the doctors it is, probably only to be told to have an eye test (which I've done), may be I should try a food allergy test !!
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