Fenix 3

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and connect IQ


With a completely new GPS unit compared to the fenix2/220/620 models. Loved my 610 if it's back to that sort of quality.... 

Fenix 2 was nice but GPS a bit flakey, and the reverse screen colours were a bit weird. 

Was giving serious considerstion to a watch with in built HRM but realised in winter under a few layers, pointless as either cannot read the display or have to wear on top and so HRM would not work 



  • I've got one on pre-order.

    I have a Fenix 2 which I love but the inverse screen colours and red back-light make it difficult for me to read at night. I never had any issue with the GPS on mine, always seemed fine. Once I get the F3 I'll ebay the F2.

    It will be interesting to see how the Connect IQ platform develops for the 920xt, Fenix & Epix.

  • Sold my f2 on eBay as I thought if I wait for the 3 to come out there will b a load of 2's on eBay image sold it for £55 less than it cost me so had it for around £8 per month image 


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    You are a tech freak booktrunk image
  • image Guilty as charged

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    I don't need to look at dcrainmaker these days- your posts keep me in the knowimage
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    Ooh! Now that's a sexy piece of kit!

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    yes it looks great, and a bit gutted they releasing the 3 so soon after I have bought the 2, however I will stick with my Fenix2 love it and it has performed perfect

  • WOOHOO. Fenix 3 despatched from Cotswold Outdoors today. I should get it tomorrow. 

  • Looking forward to your views on it, compared to the F2

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    Booktrunk, remind me: why did you choose this over the 920? I'm very, very close.

  • There really isn't a lot between them, this is like a 920 plus slightly more navigation stuff, but hardly any more.

    BUT..... THE KILLER DIFFERENCE (well for me) is that the 920 you still cannot charge on the go, whilst the Fenix 3 you can.  So when i'm going for a seriously long run or hike. I can stick a usb charger on it, and charge it and it will still keep recording your stats.

    It was £340 from cotswold (with the HRM monitor). Using a 15% off code.


  • I ordered mine from Cotswold yesterday Booktrunk image

    Although, it's likely that it won't be despatched till mid/late March image

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    can you share the code?

  • GPS seems fine... Watch in general.... Oh my ghod it is drop dead georgous image 

    works with smart notifications n generally just works. image 

  • Now that looks like a sharp bit of kit!

  • /members/images/712846/Gallery/IMG_0695.JPG







    Now i'm on a computer a few pics.  Oh.... Sorry about the orientation... But i'm sure standing on your head in front of your computer is good for you image


  • Although that is probably the best looking sports watch I've seen, it does look absolutely massive in that last picture. Is that camera trickery or is it really that big? If it is, I would imagine that may compromise comfort when running?

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    I think it is BT that is small image

  • It's about 5cm square.

    But the strap is a proper separate strap so it fits nice n snug on the wrist, and it's a whole 80 something g. After about 10 minutes you don't notice it.  Slept with it on last night and I'm a fussy sleeper so that surprised me.



  • S3200H wrote (see)

    I think it is BT that is small image

    hehe imageimage

  • Mine FINALLY arrived this lunchtime.  Workplace productivity has suffered this afternoon, as I've been merrily occupied with my new gadget.

    First impressions - I bloody love it.  I just hope it functions as well as it looks.   Can't wait to get out on a run now image 

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    It does image Love mine.

  • Just ordered mine, can't wait. Just in time for Wings for Life run at Silverstone!!!!

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    Just ordered mine. Does it use the ant+ stick to download runs to your PC, or does it go by USB port or wifi?

    Sorry- just being dense.

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    Wifi and bluetooth.


    easiest way is to plug it in to the PC once, then configure the wifi, after this it either auto uploads or at worse you just need to go into settings / wifi / connect image doesn't of course update garmin express if you use the pc version, as it just updates the web site automatically. 

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    I mostly want to download my runs to Fetch, and I suspect I ca get it to do that a bit quicker than the current arrangement.

  • I've just got mine. No idea how it works but mine must use the phone to upload to garmin connect cos it's not been near my pc.

    Looks awesome. Do I have to train with it or will I get the fitness benefit just from having it?
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    Just gazing lovingly at it will produce  a sure - fire PB in your next race!


  • That'll do for me !
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