Forumite Pick of the Pops

Hi everyone,

One of the features that I still miss from the old forums is the ability to see how many posts people have made. So in the light of that I've done a little research and here are the top twenty posters as of this morning:

20 The Dog Walker 384
19 neilruns 385
18 gaz 400
17 Laura L 416
16 MartinH 462
15 WildWill 473
14 Ratbag 474
13 Nessie 488
12 NattyNoodle 494
11 hilly 510
10 The Evil Pixie 601
9 Caz 668
8 Foxy 789
7 LongDistanceBadger 930
6 benz 969
5 velociraptor 1192
4 Pernickity Butt 1284
3 Barkles 1517
2 BK 1593

and of course, there at the top is:

1 Jon 1634

I think we owe all of these people a debt of gratitude for them sacrificing their lives for our entertainment. Good work folks.



  • God that was a shock, I thought I was second most prolific. It's comforting to be near the back of the pack.

    This information must be destroyed
  • By the way, where did you get the stats?
  • Have you been counting or did you do something techno-nerdy with Excel? I'm impressed....
  • Venom, Could you hack in to NatWest please and add a few quid to my bank balance? And if the results of last year's NYC marathon are still on line, it would be helpful if you could shave 53 minutes off my finish time.
  • I am impressed i am not on there Venom, so how did you do it?
  • Cheers Mate, that makes me feel so much better.
  • SB - you're not far behind. I make it 26th on 320 posts...
  • NessieNessie ✭✭✭
    Hmm, 13th, not bad.

    It's the hours spent reading all the other posts that will get me the sack though.

    SB - that's what you get for going on holiday.

    Just had a thought, knowing how competitive we all are ("Who, US?" I hear you cry) will we now get hundreds of blank or one letter posts from people trying to break their PBs?
  • Beware Fany, its addictive. Especially if you find the dark side. Anyway time to get a life.

    See you at Brighton Venom
  • Oh, I know - I'm already addicted.....

    I haven't dared venture on to the Dark Side yet....perhaps later (oooh, scary!)

  • GavoGavo ✭✭✭
    "Just had a thought, knowing how competitive we all are ("Who, US?" I hear you cry) will we now get hundreds of blank or one letter posts from people trying to break their PBs?"

    Surely not? (and I'm nowhere near the to 20 I hope).
  • Well done Venom bet that took some working out, cant believe I am in the top 20, not been at it for long, but now I have ventured over to the "Dark Side" my total will probably grow.......
  • I took one look at the Dark Side and didn't dare go any further!

    Anyhow, congratulations to everyone for spending soooooo much time on the forums and giving us HR people lots of big disciplinary issues (which we would deal with if we weren't on the forums too!!!!)
  • Good work Venom. I can't believe some of those numbers - soooo huge. I feel so much less guilty than I did before !

    For once I am happy to be definitely in the pack !

    Have a nice weekend peeps - happy running !
  • ..therefore based on a 8 hour / 5 day 'working' week (and excluding weekends) - this means Jon has posted a message approximately every 11 minutes over the past 2 months !!

    Top man. !
  • He's more prolific than Archer !
  • Jon.....comments? Are you off today? Where are you? Do I have to go over to the Dark Side to look for you? (It's gonna happen, I know it is....)
  • Don't look - I think he's off on a course today. Which makes his achievement even better really !
  • Phew, I'm saved.....for now
  • FANY - best take off your shadeds before venturing over to the Dark Side - you'll bump into something.

    (And I shudder to think what it could be !)
  • NessieNessie ✭✭✭
    The dark side - I've been tempted, but I think it's a Sunday evening one. I get little enough done at work as it is!
  • Number three?


    I won't let this success change my life.
  • But just another eighty postings will see you through to 2nd Place Barkles - you know you can do it !!
  • Have to try.

  • And then......

    Less than 40 to usurp Jon !
  • He'll be upset. He's mad enough at me already cos of Badger.
  • You can't help being popular with sett dwelling mammals. Go on - you can do it.

    (when is Half term by the way ?)
  • Half term for us is another two weeks away.
    The kids go to school in Monmouth, which has a different set of dates so they are off the week before me. It varies from county to county
  • SO confusing all this edukashun stuff.
  • cougie - if I take my shades off I'll be able to see the dreadful fate that awaits me....I'd rather go in blind and blissfully ignorant, at least I won't know what hit me/bit me/dragged me beneath the surface......
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