30 Minutes non Stop

I have after 6 weeks of inital training now managed to be able to run 30 minutes non stop. I have booked into the Brighton 10K does anyone have any good training plans to follow to go from 30Mins to 10K in 5 weeks?


  • I am exactly the same stage, so although I can't be any help with a training plan, it's always good to know there is someone else out there doing the same thing. I read in this months RW about doing a 4 day training week, with the days as follows:

    Day 1: A long run - 30mins+
    Day 2: Recovery run - minimum of 20 mins - slower than Day 1
    Day 3: Tempo run - minimum of 20 mins but faster than the other 2 runs
    Day 4: Interval training - fast/slow spurts for as long as you can.
    Recovery days in between as required. See October RW for more details.

    This was my first week of doing it, and although I am exhasusted after doing interval training today, I am looking forward to Monday to being able see any improvement in my long run, and being able to build up my running time and distance.

    Today was fun being able to run really really fast for a short while and really stretch my legs, and then slow down to a slower than usual pace for a while to recover.
  • Hi EP It looks like I have been to optimistic with my time for Brighton so I may join you on the day as I think I will prob be nearer 70 mins than 60. I too need to walk after about 20 - 30 mins. But train on you never know what might transpire in the next 5 weeks. We may surprise ourselves.
  • I really wouldn't worry about any fancy running schedules. I am an expert in getting from nothing after six months on the couch to half marathon in 3 months...done it 5 times in the last 5 years although I have to admit I tend to get injured afterwards so this year aimed for a 10K instead and I am still running 2 months later (touch lots of wood). I would suggest trying to run non stop for 30 mins everytime you go out over the next two weeks. Try to get out at least 6 times. Towards the end of the second week choose a day when you feel great and add an extra 15-20 mins. If you work hard the next two weeks I guarantee you will get that feeling where you think hey I could run and run and run. Most important thing is go with your body. when it says lets go home....go. When it says I'm having fun keep going.
    Good Luck and most of all enjoy!
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