How to Swim

I can run and bike, but have a bit of trouble with the swimming, think breeze block type ability to float. I can get from one end of the pool to the other, just not very quickly.

Anyone know of a good website with instruction on proper techniques of swimming


  • do a google search for total immersion, and buy the book of the same name from amazon
  • the dvd 0f the same is also gud
  • Is it on video, WW?
  • cant you play it on your computer, chimp?
  • You could try lessons. I've just started and pay £10 for 1/2 hr at the local pool (though I actually get about 3/4 hr.) Its 1 to 1 and really useful to be told what you're doing wrong. I'm probably only going to have another 4 lessons but now know what I'm doing wrong and how to put it right. Then it's practise practise practise.

    I'll take a look at Amazon though, any info is always useful. (I can't play DVD's just got an old CD drive!)


    Jeff T
  • I learnt to swim at my local swimming pool a few years ago after a lifetime of water phobia. Best ever performance was 2.5km front crawl in about an hour in aid of charity.

    Recently found out about Total Immersion swimming and am convinced this is exactly how I've been taught. It all sounds so familiar. I will be getting the book/dvd etc as soon as FLM is over.
  • Thanks for all the help. I'll get the book and see how it goes from there I think.
  • I've just realised. Bodgit isn't bodjit.

    bodgit's a fella.
    bodjit's a girlie.

    'ello bodgit.
  • I am indeed a bloke.

    I was once a 16 stone hooker ( in the rugby sense )

    But am now an 11 1/2 stone endurance cyclist and runner
  • Bodgit, Jeff is right. The only real way to quickly improve your swimming is to have lessons.

    A half hour lesson normally turns into at least an hour as the teacher will give you drills to do once he has gone, and half an hour once a week will be very cheap.

    Books and videos are great once you know what you're doing but useless to start with as you won't be able to feel whether you are doing the drills properly or not.

    (I managed to get from being very below average swimmer to comfortably swimming Ironman last year in 70 mins having had a half hour lesson every week for 4 months, and three other practice sessions per week).
  • I paid for the kids to have one-to-one lessons a few years ago. They worked well and both of them are now very comfortable in the water.

    Looks like I'm going to have to take the plunge ( sorry ), and do this properly.

    Many thanks for all your advices
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