Malt Loaf vs Jaffa Cakes



  • Thank you Lagerman. It's good to know there's still some sanity on the forums after 6.00 pm.
  • I'm a jaffa girl. Malt loaf has bad memories from childhood in frozen north.
  • Can't I have both? I like them equally.
  • That sounds very tragic JJ!
  • Jaffa cakes
  • I like fig rolls too - also low in fat!
  • No not tragic, My mum thought it was a suitable pudding after tea but I hated it. No malt loaf no pudding :-) As 1 of 5 not much of a vote.
  • I'd have much rather been 7 of 9 :-) lol
  • must be a northern thing JJ
    We had malt loaf every Monday before piano lessons, and i was so hungry i used to eat it
    Havent since
  • What made it worse was she put BUTTER on it Yeurchhhh
  • it was always squashed - my dad cut it with a blunt knife!
  • Ohh don't you'll put me off my dinner :-)
  • Malt is ok but it has to be sticky and squidgy, cant stand the dry stuff, oh and 1/2 inch of butter on
  • Jaffa cakes ..
    at a push... dont really like them ... but malt loaf .. oh yukk !!! with butter ... no words ... well ... wretching ...
  • malt loaf is a strange animal!

    sort of gooey chewy stretchy - better when its a bit dry
  • Gaz youre weird. Its suppose to be STork SB margarine
    Speaking of cheese, up North we used to eat cheese with Christmas cake, and noone believes me down South
    Musy make my cake so it can have 10 wekks worth of brandy
    Bune, yes, always a blunt knife
    Dont think my parents trusted me with sharp objects!!
  • Yes your right Benz
    I am from oop north and I have cheese on my christmas cake, so tell that lot down there from me that your right.........
  • mate of mine does cheese and christmas cake

    stork ohmygawd - do they still make that - used to get it rubbed on my head when I bumped it (on the squashed hard malt loaf!)
    Margarine on the head has awakened painful memories
    Did you get washed in the kitchen sink as well , Bune?
    Youre not my sister are you?
  • yes I did!
  • When I was a kid we had the old tin bath int front of coal fire........
  • I havent got a sister tho :(
  • jaffa cakes were posh!
  • malt loaf and fig rolls were not
  • Well bune, you must be from yorkshire then
    Did you get to eeat raw tripe with vinegar too?
  • I could be your virtual sister
  • I'm not that far oop North - but I do like curd tart!
  • Benz I am from Yorkshire but didnt eat tripe, my mam did though, yuk........
  • I didnt WANT to eat tripe, but gran just used to say "get it across your chest!!"
    Where in Yorkshire Gaz?
  • I come from Leeds Benz.....
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