Malt Loaf vs Jaffa Cakes



  • I had duck with plum sauce for lunch. Does that make me a sweet-talking quack?
  • I dont think Quack is something I would associatite with you Velo

    its very good though!
  • What about clootie dumpling... V-Rap... being a Killie-girl you must be able to make that... yum yum yum!!!!

    Outstanding sliced up and fried for breakfast...
  • I can make clootie dumpling, Gordon, but I don't because it's spicy. I do make a mean steamed apple sponge, though.
  • Ok, I've had enough of this. You are all abso blartin lutely barmy.

    For a more scientific measurement of this question head over to 26.2 RRC's Web Site and look down the page on the right. You can vote for your favourite (and only once a day mind). Results displayed in a pretty graph.

    Anyway, it's really a none question 'cos everyone at 26.2 knows that Ann Bath's post race Florentines (which will be in evidence at the Cabbage Patch this Sunday) are superlative and without peer - except for Maltloaf perhaps (oops, what a giveaway).

    Vote now!

  • That means that the official scientific view is that malt loaf is best (by 100% when I was there...) and officially no-one likes Jaffa cakes - but the sample size is so far only 3, so the results probably are not representative of the whole running population.
  • Jaffa Cakes please!!! What? no freebies...mean sods
  • malt loaf. but did you know that a jaffa cake is a cake & not a biscuit ! even though it is found in the biscuit isle of the supermarket. the diference is that cakes contain egg, this also affects the tax paid. 'cause vat is not payable on cakes ? don't understand that, best ask gordon brown he should know the answer. sorry to be an anorak !
  • Jaffas by far the best,for a quick energy boost, malt loaf is too heavy in the stomach.
  • Yes, but you need to eat a whole packet to feel even remotely full, at least with a couple (alright, half a loaf then if I must be honest) of slices of maltloaf with butter you feel as though you've eaten something.
  • Sorry people im sticking with jaffa cakes.
  • Jaffa cakes any day!
  • Jaffa Cakes taste nice tho' malt loaf just tastes like its doing you good!
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