Spring has sprung, the tyres are shot, I wonder what you lot have got?

I've been using Specialized Espoir or All Weather since they came with the bike. The Espoirs are grippy enough, the All Weathers are a little more robust. I've heard mixed reviews about Gatorskins, and nothing but positives about Continental GP4000 (apart from price).

I enjoy fast descents, but only ride a road bike, not TT. One bike winter/summer/racing. IM Wales in September.

What's the current tyre of choice?


  • Conti GP4000's at £60 for two whats wrong with the price?

  • i use conti ultra sports for most mileage, bullet proof and very cheap. Gp4000 IIs for summer/racing. Both quality tyres IMO image

  • GP4000's for me too. Got a few bikes - they've all got them, or had until yesterday. One of the bikes needed new tyres and I've got GP4000's II on there. Not ridden on them yet but they seemed a bloody site harder to get on the rim than the GP4000's were.

  • Just re-read your post.....poetry in top line. Well civilised! 

  • GP4000's on my TT bike and Gatorskins on my general training bike
  • Foo, where are you getting them at £30 each?

  • Wiggle, £64 for the gp4000 twin pack, 

  • D0MD0M ✭✭✭

    25s or 23s?

  • popsiderpopsider ✭✭✭

    I use different stuff depending on what is on offer - I really like Vittoria Open Corsa the 320 tpi ones - but for an all year tyre I'd probably go for Michelin Pro 4 Endurance and I'd stick latex innertubes in.

  • GraemeKGraemeK ✭✭✭
    Schwalbe Ultremo ZX HD for me mainly because they were cheap when I bought them. Feel faster than the Mavic tyres that came with my Ksyriums and this will guarentee one next weekend, the p***ture fairy hasn't visited in a good while.
  • DaylightRDaylightR ✭✭✭

    Another happy GP4000 user here. Noticed the wear indicator showing I'd gone through the first set put on the road bike 2 years ago, so am now on GP4000 IIs and still love them. As with FF - got them in the twin pack from Wiggle.

    Edit - oh and should say, I'm on 25s.

  • PBK have Continental Grand Prix 4000S II for £62.99 a pair at the moment with the special inserty codey thing... Just got some for myself...

  • Schwalbe Durano Plus on the training wheels.

    Schwalbe Ultremo on the racing wheels.

  • Hmm, I need to sort mine out too. Had Michelin Pro Race 3 for a while, no problems with them and no punctures. Switched to Conti 4 seasons, punctured in half a mile. Been using Schwalbe Ultremo HD for a while, fine but they only last a season before they start to perish. Mine are FUBAR now.

    Anyone used Pro Race 4's?

  • Sorry to bring this thread back up to the top but after my "off" a couple of weeks ago the man at the bike shop suggested my tyres looked a bit "shiney" and may need to be replaced. Do tyres get a bit shiney even if they aren't down to the wear indicators?

    Assuming I need new tyres I'll take the advice here and from others that GP4000s (II) are the way forward. 2 questions remain, 23vs25 and latex vs butyl innertubes. Are these technical questions for those at the pointiest end of the field or should I be considering these options. I'm aiming for a 6hrs IM bike leg, nearly 40yo male 12st if any of that matters?

  • Scuba - are these tyres for the main wheels, or the stabilisers? Perhaps, with your riding ability, you should try mountain bike tyres?

  • Raf - My brother in law has promised to weld up some stabilisers before we go to Austria in the mean time I'm sticking to the turbo. At some point i will have to get back on a "big boys bike" and ride on the road again.

  • Can your brother in law make some stabilisers for my Land rover before I let you drive it on the way to Austria?

  • 25 are more comfy but if your rim is narrow you might struggle getting the wheel in if it's inflated.

    I just use normal continental innertubes.
  • I've got a latex tube in the front wheel of my road bike, as that is what I had to hand when I p*nctured.

    It's a well known fact that latex tubes are faster. My bike is now slightly longer due to the front wheel pulling the frame forward.

  • popsiderpopsider ✭✭✭

    Latex are meant to reduce rolling resistance by some tiny amount because they are nore supple - probably worth half a watt or something - I use them in my race wheels.   The only disadvantages are they cost more and they are easier to pinch in a tight tyre/rim combo, oh and they lose air so they need pumping up every ride.   You can patch them like a normal tube though.   

    As far as tyres go I've never replaced a pair because they look shiny but if they are getting near the end of their life you probably wouldn't be chucking away much by replacing them a little early.   I like Pro4s but if you buy 25s they are massive - measure more like 27mm and wont fit some race bikes with very tight clearances.  I've got 25mm Vittorias on now and they are more like a genuine 25mm.

  • GraemeKGraemeK ✭✭✭
    cougie wrote (see)

    I just use normal continental innertubes.

    Don't tell Nigel Farage about these continental inner tubes for heaven's sake, they'll be something else to blame, bring back UK inner tubes.....

  • skottyskotty ✭✭✭
    GraemeK wrote (see)
    cougie wrote (see)

    I just use normal continental innertubes.

    Don't tell Nigel Farage about these continental inner tubes for heaven's sake, they'll be something else to blame, bring back UK inner tubes.....

    pumping something German is OK by Farage.


  • image Loving it !!!
  • Thanks all for useful suggestion and banter

  • FWIW, My GP4000's have done 2.7k miles so far, and still have tons of life left... more than very happy with them... can't complain at that kind of durability!

    lets be honest.... its all prep for an Ironman on my 100th birthday
  • The Continental Grand Prix 4000S II I bought the other week haven't worn at all


    I probably should take them out of the box though!

  • I got the conti 4000s ll, had a few outings and am very happy with them so far, they were a bloody nightmare to fit right out of the box though!
  • I've bought a pair too.

    However, I've opened them out (wrestled with them). They won.
    Next I inflated a spare inner tube inside the tyre and just left it sat on the side for a week. It looks a lot better now.

    I anticipate a false sense of security, and a bubble that's about to burst.

  • Soak new tyres in a bucket of hot water for a while before trying to fit, will make them more supple when putting on

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