Have I ruined everything?

I have been good and stuck to a training programm I "stole" from RW.
Have not been able to run since Saturday last week when I ran 10k in 1hr 7mins. (I'm not ill or anything it's just Mr P. has been away and I haven't had a baby sitter.)
Will I still be able to do it, or have my muscles withered away???
I'm going no matter what, but I need some input. Thank you



  • No problem love
    Youve done all the training, and everyone should taper before a race
    The rest may well have done you good!
    Good luck, let us know how you get on
  • as always benz is right - don't panic - take it easy and have a good celebration after.
  • Always right??
    thats vrap mate
    Still, youll be fine petal
  • Hi Catrine, just go for it girl! Don't worry that you haven't trained for a week - I'm doing a 10K Race on Sunday too and I've not been out since Tuesday myself.. If it's your first 10K, you've got no time to beat at all, and whatever time you finish in will be a PB won't it!! So just relax and enjoy it - and don't go off too fast!! Good luck and let us all know how you get on.
    Michelle x
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