Weymouth 10 miles, Sat 19/10/02

Anyone fancy this one. It's an out and back course that starts on Weymouth seafront. It goes off along the esplanade for 2 miles before climbing a steepish hill, doing a loop that brings the runners' back to do the hill a second time. They then do the same loop but head back along the esplanade for the 2 miles to the finish.

If the weather is good, it's a lovely event. If the weather is bad (windy) then it's 2 steps forward, 3 steps back. Which I must add has only happened on 1 out of 5 times that I've done it.

The race is a Saturday afternoon, 2PM, so lots of support along the seafront.


  • Come on folks a day by the seaside in OCTOBER, who could resist?!!
  • Good luck Hilly!

    I want to do this NEXT year as I am still only running short distances.

    Hope that it is not too cold.
  • Thanks FionaH,
    I hope for nice weather!

    I expect I'll be doing it again NEXT year. Living in the town it's hard for me not to, support local races etc. Not that I really mind as it's well organised and quite a good course, give or take the odd hill!
  • Got to let you down again, Hilly. Thought about coming down from Bristol to have a go, but it's the week before the Dublin Marathon, and I've been persuaded I should take it easy next weekend. So once again, have a good run, and maybe next year eh?
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