Height: inside leg measurement



  • [thud]
  • Room in the trench for 2??
  • oooh matron!
  • Oh dear, IMM, you have laid yourself wide open to WW's claims of his superior endurance skills.

  • Bring it on !!!

  • Ahem.

    Back to inside legs...

    This is relevant to Hercules! Look:

    "A narrow 25m trench filled with water to the height of the inside leg. The contestants must wade back and forward throughout the day to gain the most distance."

    Does that mean they each get their own trench?

    Coz I might go 'glug' if I had to use Will's.
  • Sorry - yes i'm concentrating now

    They would be awfully wrinkled either way

  • both ways, I would imagine. though if it's cold water they might - um - retract out of harm's way.
  • oh right!

    We were back to legs, weren't we.

  • Sorry to bring the conversation back to inside legs, but I can add to the data here, confirming the short body/long leg theory for women. 5'4", 30" inside leg. Have happily shared jeans with my 5'8" bloke when I was a bit thinner.

    But women's trousers are still *always* too long for me straight from the shop, unless it's M&S who do short, medium & long.
  • :o/


    feeling decidedly stumpy here.
    I think my measuring tape must have shrunk in the wash.

    [pads out in search of Evil Pixie and Fraggle]
  • M&S - but they have changed their sizes cos I brought some long ones the other day and they dragged on the floor!

    Jj - they are never out of harms way !!
  • Not 100% sure my inside leg is 32" Thats the length of trouser that seems to fit me best but theyre sometimes slung under my belly.

    I'll go measure it.

    I always thought women had longer legs / smaller bodies than men but maybe thats just becasue your perception is swayed as most women wear heels?
  • What about a comparisson of 'middle leg' measurements while were being smutty.
  • Sorry, JJ. The legs might be a bit longer, but that only means that I have to fit all the tubby bits in a shorter body!
  • Darn my 12" ruler isnt long enough.
  • My inside leg is 32" - seems to be a popular length for men.

    Didnt Kim Bassinger play a legless woman in a film some years ago ?
  • Do most women wear heels? Really? I have no idea myself, but I wear heels about twice a year, reluctantly (for posh dos) and only clumpy short ones at that.
  • Yes carl but back to my earlier post - never trust a mans measurements!!

  • From my experience yes, even if only 1.5 inches (though I work in an office so they may be more popular there) - id say the average is 2 inches. Whatever it must have an effect on your perspective of their proportions.

  • Imelda that reminds me of the one about the girl who crashed the car.

    When being chastised by her boyfriend she said she was 9 inches away, (girl demonstrates here understanding of 9 inches - really only about 3 - by showing him).

    Think you have to see the joke visually.....

  • I did a survey of the heel height of my team at work. The girls heels averaged 3 3/4 inches.
    I never realised I worked with a team of midgets
  • that is exactly what i was referring to!!
    works with parking as well!

    funny how all the girlies have left me!!
  • Heels aren't really something I notice most of the time, unless they're ridiculous. I'll take your word for it, Carl, you're obviously paying more attention to what the ladies are wearing than me ;-) Personally I couldn't bear waddling around on the things daily; I have to be a bit practical as I work in IT and could be called upon to do practical stuff which would be difficult in heels. Negotiating the server room would be interesting in stilettos; there are holes in the floor for the air conditioning!
  • well really.

    I start a perfectly serious thread about bicycles and how they're fitted, and look what happens.

    I wash my paws of the whole thing, really I do.

    [struts off as primly as white FMS will allow]
  • I couldnt ride a bicycle in stilettos
  • Oh, I think you could, if they had cleats fitted? Wouldn't really make a difference unless you caught the heel in the chain?
  • And ruin a perfectly good pair of shoes - I do believe you may be talking to the wrong person!!

    havnt had very good experiences with bikes - alcohol normally involved
  • you'd hit the heels on the ground if you had 650s
  • You could ride an Penny Farthing in stilettos quite happily, though, plenty of clearance there.
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