A bright idea!

A few years back I bought an arm mounted strobe light which was ideal for night running.It was about the size of a mini torch with velcro fastening.It died on me a month ago.I got it from Tandy who say they don't sell it anymore.Any ideas where I can get another as it was a great piece of kit which made motorists think twice!


  • I don't where you can get one of those. But it must be easy to get a bit of velcro & one of those tiny flashing bike lights.
    Thanks for the idea Bill.
  • Natterjack running shop in Southport have similar with small light on, I think it fits either arm or as a headband. They are always advertised in Runner's World mag.
  • Hi Bill , I was in Poundland today, they had clip on lights both red and white for, yes you guessed a pound.
    This was in washington tyne and wear, I suppose poundland is nationwide.
    Good luck.............
  • Yep! Poundland down here in the midlands have them as well. They are sold as armbands for children for safety in winter. Little flashing LED lights on a yellow refelctive velcro band. Big enough for my upper arm - not sure about for big hairy men's arms. Perhaps need to fix two together to go round the bulging biceps.
  • Pop along to your local diving shop / yacht chandlers and they will sell you a high powered waterproof stobe (white light) which can be seen from several miles off. They're about four inches long and 3/4 inch in diameter and fix with a velcro band. You certainally won't be missed by traffic! (but you might be accused of causing a distraction). Can't remember how much mine cost but it wasn't dear (mine is for diving, not running)
  • Thanks for your help people! Graham, I will pop along to my local diving shop and take a look. The one I had before was certainly bright, and if it gets drivers to be cautious then it's worth it. Failing that, if it can be seen for miles then my wife can watch my progress from the bedroom window! (unless she's watching a 747 by mistake...)
  • I had one of these gadgets when I used to train a lot at night on my bike. I'd fasten it around my right calf so that motorists might see it better.

    Bike shops should have them., and some of the rear red Bike LED's do all sorts of funky patterns rather than flash. Dunno if that is available on the clip on LED's though.

    I can recommend Vistalite and Cateye.
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