Foot care / hot spots

I am currently training for my first ultra and am finding that "hot spots" on the balls of my feet are becoming a hinderance! I have 3 different pairs of trainers that I use so I don't think my shoes are causing the problem. I have also been trying different socks but again, this hasn't helped so far.

Generally the hot spots occur after around 14/15 miles or so and really slow me down especially when running downhill. I haven't yet had blisters in this area but while I am running it feels like a blister is about to form.

I have been using surgical spirit to toughen up my feet and haven't had any other blisters luckily. I was wondering weather I should consider taping my feet in this area but have no experience of doing this. Or should I try Vaseline or talc?

Any tips or advice would be gratefully received. 


  • GeeeMGeeeM ✭✭✭

    I put a thin layer of Vaseline over my feet before every long run I do, on longer runs, (over 50 miles) then I'll tape my feet using the following method

    It takes a bit of practice to get right, but seems to work well for me image

  • Thanks GeeeM, I did 20miles with some Vaseline on the balls of my feet and no problems ???? -just a small amount was all I needed. Thanks for the link re taping. As I increase the time on my feet during the long runs I'll see how I go with the Vaseline and if nec. go for the taping. Will probably try this out on a training run anyway to learn how to get it right.  Many thanks.

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