prolapsed cervical disk c4/5

Hi all i suffered a severe prolapsed disck c5/6  on the 28/12/15, great start to the year ! After month of work,much pain and various NHS/private appointments, Physio, scans, diff opinions i back running again. If anyone recently suffered with this and wants some advice on what helped me then feel free to contact me. I was told it was the end of all exercise and basically a life of sitting around waiting for the end. This is not the case don't let them convince you it is !!!


  • Hi GasMatt! I have a disc bulge / herniated disc of the C5/C6 and have had to cease exercising and running. I'm going down the private route as NHS said I am ok (!) despite my complaining of left arm numbness, pins and needles in arm and hands, as well as left calf and foot. I'm really upset because I feel like this is the beginning of the end. I just got my NHS records and it said "degenerative disc disease". At 41 I feel this is too soon to be having such issues. Please can you shed some light on how you got better, and what has happened to you since your posted in 2015? Ta.
  • Hi Sadie,

    Just thought I would mention that disc degeneration is a normal part of aging. If you took scans of most people in your age bracket i would suspect that a high number of them would have disc degeneration and perhaps herniations, but many would be pain free. There is a lot of research being done in this area at the moment. So I guess what I am saying is that even though you may have degeneration and pain, there is still a huge amount of hope, do not let scans and medical language scare you. A leading physio Peter O'Sullivan talks about this a lot, may be worth googling him.

    At 29 I had lower back pain for a year and went through various physios and osteopaths before i found a therapist that helped me solve the problem - and like you it affected me emotionally until I realised that in some cases (not saying this is the case for you necessarily) pain does not mean mechanical damage. Sometimes it is your body sending out protective signals, which may or may not be warranted.

    Stay positive, and keep searching for the right therapist!
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