Bike question.....

I was wondering if any of you could help me here please. I have been on the look out for a bike for a while, nothing major as first year in tri. There is a bloke I know through work who used to be into tri but gave it up and would be well chuffed if someone could get good use of his bike (this is where I step in). The problem is he won't give me a price for buying it (I think he spent quite a bit of cash on it in his day but it was like over seven years ago and doesn't know the value it would have today). He is a really decent bloke and, obviously I would like to get the best deal I can, however, I also want to pay a fair price (everyone's a winner kind of thing). So could anyone please help me out with a rough valuation?

Details are (sorry if they are a little sketchy):

> Holdsworth frame (good condition, quite heavy though compared to today's stuff)
> Mavic Hub/gears (good condition)
> Look pedals (don't know what model)
> Training wheels
> Racing wheels (light, good condition)
> Tri bars
> He also threw in shoes (fair condition), cateye speedo, lights, foot pump, hand pump.

I also know that he re-built a lot of the bike changing normal screws to titanium screws, change of seat etc..

So if we were on ebay (Daz's favourite), where would we start the bidding?


  • Hmmm. Maybe £300 ?
  • does it fit you more to the point...
  • ouch.
  • Fortunately we are both the same height, although I am about 3 stones heavier (solid muscle ;o)

    All in all, couldn't have found a more ideal situation. I just need to sort out the cash bit.... anyone higher/lower than £300?
  • thats ok then.. V lucky... I'd agree with Cougster....
  • Training wheels?!!! They are like stabilisers arent they? If you are going to use it for a tri, perhaps you need to learn to ride a bike without training wheels!!!!

    : )
  • I can recommend a Raliegh Chopper for learning to ride. They have a 3 speed stick shift on the cross bar, a banana seat, and your feet can touch the ground so you wont need training wheels.

  • Oh don't get us going on that again ! ;-)
  • I need the stabilisers after I had to boff ET on the head for blinding me with his damned finger. He just doesn't play ball any more.

    So £300 going once.....
  • NB - I wouldn't pay £300 pounds for it without knowing what the frame is made of (not just steel for example but what steel), what the group set is (not just campag or shimano but what campag or shimano - or what mix of components) and how many speeds (gears) it is (that will help date the bike).

    He'll know all that off the top of his head if he was at all into cycling.

  • "that will help date the bike" - this isnt Antiques Roadshow.

  • Oh isn't it that's a surprise.
  • I was doing a Road Race once, and a guy had a nice state of the art bike - Spinergys - the whole kit and caboodle.

    Checking the bikes out after - I noticed he was running Campag gears, but with Shimano STI Shifters. I didn't even have to ask him the question - he just told me not to try it as it doesn't work. Like I thought it might !!

    So be careful about mix and match groupsets. Not worth the bother !
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