Are you googled.

Entered a couple of names in google the other day and bingo. There in detail and in some cases with photo.

Have you been googled?


  • You been drinking BK?
  • I've been drinking Barkles. I put Wakey into google and it came back with loads of stuff about Wakefield. B*gger that - I'm away to change ma handle. Wakey is nae mair.
  • Been drinking, slander. Put foxy and Badger in and see what you get. Both mentioned in dispatches and one with a picture. Oh aren't they both adorable.

    MY Badger?
  • Hey Wakey
    Sorry about those comments about THE match.
    We anti Rangers types have to stick together.

    Get a goalie

    Rab's crap
  • Yes I am
    Did a search on my name and I came on page three!!!

    What i the name of god's trousers is that about?
    My nmae and theres' about 30 sods above me.

    I'm there tho'.

    Wow famous
  • Hey Barles, Wakey is gone mate. Meet Brother Walfrid, named in honour of Celtic's founding father (that's Glasgow Celtic okay Jeffsy?).

    Know what you mean about Rab though. Some Celtic sites (unofficial ones) have given him some serious stick over his performance. Couldn't repeat them on a family forum like this though.
  • Sorry, that should be Barkles. Too much Stella!
  • Heeeeelllllllllooooooooo fellow Stella drinker............
  • Heeeeeelllllooooo to you too mate.

    Have u been with stella 2 night?
  • May the Stella be with you......
    might have been...........

    have you ???????? hic
  • Stella vision!!!!
  • yes u can pribably tell by mi stelling.
  • ha ha ha nice one Brother, ya cany beat a good swally
  • Join the club matey. Personally prefer blue though, pistols at dawn.
  • Is that the Sex Pistols BK? I used to like them too.

    Gaz, gotta get to the fridge mate. Stella alert!
  • Blue what ?
  • I hope that's no blue nun BK. Live the high life mate!!!
  • Blue is the colour, football is the game.

    yep boolox I know. Pass me a stella matey I'm out
  • Is that a snickers I see before me,
    it will be gone in a trice
  • Wakey Wakey Walfrid, an away win at Ibrox will wipe away all the negative thoughts, with Rab on the bench, obviously.
  • GavoGavo ✭✭✭
    entered my nickname on google and I didn't make the top 100 - actually makes me feel better. Only popped online while I was doing some printing - sadly off to the library now (I have no life).
  • Sure Barkles, we'll gub 'em at ipox.
  • Betetr had mate, the rest of us are relying on you.

    Pet hates ManU and Rangers.
  • I see rangers are dropping their orange (oops! silly me I meant tangerine) away shirt at the end of the season. It's no wonder they're hated so much.
  • oh sh*te - to get this thread back to its original point, my google search brings up that I am the Underworld God of Death!!!
  • ok - I'm bored now. Put richk into Google and I'm not in the first 150. Put my name in though, and there's only 4 entries, and I'm all four!
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