Carb Loading Whilst Travelling

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I'm running in the Manchester Marathon next Sunday, but have been asked to go out to Germany on Thursday for a meeting on Friday morning. I'll be flying back Friday afternoon, but am worried that this is the period when I'm usually maxing out on my carb loading.

Any suggestions for how to handle it ? I'll be staying in a hotel on Thursday night, but don't really feel that there'll be much choice regarding high carb, low fat food.


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    I've always found Germany great for bread and potato based products.

    I don't really get stuck into carb loading until about 36 hrs before the race anyway.
  • RedjeepRedjeep ✭✭✭

    Thanks Millsy. Bread it is then !

    I guess that I'll just be careful on the Thursday night as there'll be a meal with the client. I normally max out with the carbs on the Friday with cereal bars, cake, energy drinks and pasta, but will have to find some local alternatives at least until I get home.

  • Mr PuffyMr Puffy ✭✭✭

    Have a look at this, from the Asics 262 thread, advice for Tim on what to snack on travelling  to Paris...simple but very informative...

    Ruth McKean 2 wrote (see)

    Hi Tim

    I would like all #asics262 runners to have planned  shopping list in advance as this will start you thinking about the logistics of food for carb load when in Paris! If you are organised 1-2 days before you go it will honestly feel so much less stressful and make you feel prepared – you will be amazed if you are really organised with snacks before you go how this will make sticking to your nutrition plan so much easier. Put yourself in control of what you snack on - just takes a little thought & organisation.

    Don’t eat out of boredom, eat to plan.

    Do not try any new nutritional strategies; stick to tried and tested foods. Do not be tempted to try any ‘freebies’ in your arrival bag/goodie bag before the race starts.

    Do not be tempted at hotel to eat anything too different at breakfast, remember you have Monday morning to eat what you like!

    Here are some useful snacks with estimated   carbohydrate content that you can buy or travel with easily:

    • 6” baguette with generous spread of  jam or honey: 70-75g carbs
    • 200ml carton of orange juice and 2 slices of malt loaf (pre-sliced size) – 60g
    • 250g sorbet – 50g carbs
    • Fruit scone  with lots of jam : 45-50g carbs
    • 200ml of orange juice = 20g carbs
    • 500ml of diluting juice or squash = 35-40g of carbs
    • 1litre of orange juice  = 100g carbs (could have over day)
    • 1 crumpet and teaspoon of jam plus 500ml of isotonic sports drink – 60g carbs
    • I hot cross bun and 200ml carton of fruit juice – 45g carbs
    • Bagel and generous spread of jam or honey – 45-50g carbs
    • 1 large banana  & 200ml of fruit juice 45-50g carbs
    • 250g of fruit salad & low fat yoghurt (the sort of think you can buy at station pre-packed before you broad train) – 50g
    • 6 jaffa cakes  (52g carbs)

    Some information just to start you thinking/remind about race day:

    The hotel you are staying at are meant to have kettles & minibars in all rooms so you will have a little fridge space should you need and have access to boiling water. When you arrive seek out the local food shop for fresh bread and even a small milk if you need this as a bedtime snack etc.

    Breakfast is served from 6.30am and in usual form of a hot & cold buffet but bring your own cereal for race morning if the choice of cereal is important for you. Last year the runners left not long after 7am. So remember to pack a snack and choice of fluid in bag that you may be having in-between breakfast & race start. Check all belts/gels/ sweets again before you leave are in order.

    Every 5km in race there will be bottles water. There is also dried fruit and fresh fruit at these stations but avoid and suggest you stick to your practiced plan.

    Start times (as you may already know) are as follows:

    Tom: 8.47am

    Tim: 9.00am

    Tony: 9.30am

    Amy: still waiting to hear but could be same time as Tony or close to this time but still need to confirm this.

    Andrea: 9.50am

    Post-race – although you are not eating to refuel for next run you will feel better the next day and protect immunity if you try and eat some carbs & protein as soon as you can. After race rehydrate also – 500ml as soon as you can then sip for rest of day of fluid. If struggle to eat after race try sipping on a fluid w

  • RedjeepRedjeep ✭✭✭

    Thanks Puffsta. That post is very helpful.

    I think that I'll probably through some high5 sachets in my bag and use that to top up whatever I can find in Germany on the Friday. My normal pre-marathon Friday would involve at least 2 or 3 bottles of High 5 energy source drank throughout the day to help with both hydration and carb loading.

    I've been checking my flights and it looks like I won't be in Germany until quite late Thursday evening as I'll have a long stopover in Heathrow.

    You'll probably find me in a corner of Heathrow eating jaffa cakes and pasta image.

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