For Sale...

I'll offer these for sale here, and if no-one voices an interest by Sunday evening I'll list them on E-Bay.

I bought a pair of Asics Koji last Saturday from Northern Runner in Newcastle.

They cost £85, and are size 11. I still have the receipt.

I have decided I should have just bought a new pair of Asics 2070's instead of going up a class.

The store will not refund or allow an exchange as I've been on one 3 mile run in them.

They are unmarked on the upper, and are as new.

I'll accept £65 inc P&P to any UK mainland address.

Please mail me at: if interested.


  • John I had a similar problem with a top I purchased about a year ago. In the shop it felt right. When I ran in it, it was too tight. I was too honest and the shop was too un helpful even though I had been a frequent customer...No more!

    Im a size 8! hope you get some money for them!
  • Thanks mate :)

    I have advertised them on E-Bay, but no takers so far :(

    It's a real shame to throw £85 down the pan like that, but you learn by your mistakes I guess :)
  • Boo Nortern Runner for the rubbish customer service!!!!
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