Heart Rate Monitor & Bike Computers

Yes it me again with another question.

1) I need a good HRM/Watch pretty goos one I guess so I can record lap times, store heart rate during workouts / events, maybe one that has a pace function to. I would use the watch for Swim, Bike & Run so multiple functions for each event woulf be useful - any recomendations guess its gonna cost arounf £150?

2) Need a good bike computer e.g. Shimano Flight deck, again I want all the bells and whistles, Cadence, lap times, average speed etc etc.

Lastly is there two of these gadgets that are by the same manufacturer so I can link the data or is there something all in one?

Oh and I didnt mention it before but I want to be able to download data to my PC.


  • combine the 2 with a polar 720 with bike kit
  • That looks like a toy ive just gotta have. Now just to justify the cost...


  • Cateye cordless for the bike computer. Doesn't do cadence, but that's not really a problem. Don't get Flightdeck, it will break, and batteries never last.

    Polar look good. But if they get too conplicated - they can be hard to work out.
  • Yea I may just go for a simple bike computer to start, I thought Cadence might be useful though as id like to try and keep to a constant cadence and adjust my gears as necessary. Not sure if thats a thing I need to do but was a thought I had.
  • Could be wrong, but I think you'll need cables to get cadence on a computer. My old one was like that. And it just looks messy.

    Use the clock - count your revs for 15 secs and multiply by 4. Easy !
  • i'd use the clock, cadence meters are more trouble than they or worse
  • worth
  • just to disagree with andy - i like cadence meters

    Cadence against heart rate is a good way to train
  • My flightdeck is great......
  • I got a wireless one from M & S in the January sales only £9
  • My flightdeck stopped doing my gears after a few months, and the batteries ran out in less than a year. I love Cateye - but preferred the design of the old Wireless one against the new one.
  • Bought a Cateyewireless bike computer for £29.99, seems pretty good and all that I need for the time being.

    I'll carry on perceviering with my cheapo Cardio Sport watch (need a new battery) as a HRM.

    Going to probably treat myself to the Polar 720 at the start of next winters base training.

    Thanks for the help and advice.
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