fat fingers

on yesterdays ultra I noticed half way through that my fingers had swollen.both hands but with the left being worse..a little sore at the knuckles as well.

I have never had it before and wondering  why it might have happened.....or if it was a coincidence and it was a reaction to something else


  • was it warm? my fingers get swollen, specially when it is warm or on a long run. I don't think it is anything to worry about, apart from the fact that it is sore! And makes it harder to open whatever it is you want to eat...


  • it was very windy so felt cold despite the sun......#

    Most people were in trousers and jackets because of the wind.......I managed to get sunburn on my shoulders despite the cold wind


    i've ran in heat before and in cold.....so I was surprised.

    luckily i dont wear rings or i would have been worried

  • interesting..I still cant work out  why it happened yesterday not before.

  • Seren , good to see you yesterday at the start. Great turnout for the first running of this race.

    Unable to run myself as I have other plans, how did it go ?

    Re swollen fingers I get it all the time, have done all my adult life whilst running and carrying a rucksack..

    Never bothered me and once I have stopped running they return to normal quite quickly


  • I think there is always a bit of swelling on a long race- every time I'm out for more than a fewhours this happens, but it will be worse if you are hyponatraemic/ overdrinking. I had very badly swollen hands on the 2 occaisions where I definatley got it wrong, fluid- wise on hot days- on one occoaision I ended up DNF'ing due to some sort of heat- related illness, on the other I got bad calf cramps, so I think there is a relationship with fluid troubles.

    I don't know a solution other than being careful about hydration/ salt replace,ent, and spending a few minutes each hour looking stupid with your hands up in the air!

    Which race was it?

  • it was the vale ultra.....only 31 milews and not very hilly at all..........I have tried to work outr if anything was different.....

    the previous weeek i had done a 57 miler and the week before 33 miles in the lake district...so this one was a bit of an easy one.....maybe it was the strange weather of warm sun but a very strong wind that confused my body..


     they were ok today on my run

  • If you walk fast swinging your arms the centrifugal force pushes the intercellular fluid into your fingers.  I asked my GP about this and he just laughed and said I don't know.

    I've had it when walking and as soon as I got running again it went.

  • Yes I only get it when walking any distance in hot weather, when I am running (elbows bent) it doesn't happen.

    Maybe your salt intake was a bit high in the days before Seren? It can cause water retention.

  • GeeeMGeeeM ✭✭✭

    I was at the Vale Ultra acting as sweeper and caught the sun too! The wind definitely made a big difference, I was fine when moving but got very cold when stopped and moving slowly. Towards the end, moving at 2-3 mph with the back of the pack I had 3 upper layers on, arm warmers, buff, hat and gloves!

    The fingers thing happens to me occasionally too, I don't worry about it as long as I'm feeling OK and have been drinking and eating well.

  • it was great to be in an event with a geneorus cutoff..for once i had finished had icecream.   driven home .. then bathed and ate  ...had a few drinks watching tv before the final cutoff time  image

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