I live in Spain however am back in UK for the weekend March 6th - 9th. I am interested in doing a run in the North-West. Unfortunately the date for the Trafford 10KM advertised in RW was wrong. It is March 14th not 7th!
I would be grateful for any other local runs or websites to look at for options.
Ta for any advice again.
Regards, Gareth


  • a few details on my site - check out the 2004 calendar at - St Annes 10, Haweswater Half and a couple over Leeds way.
  • Cougs and I are doing the Haweswater half on the 7th?
  • what about races the weekend after the 20/21st march?

    I want to do a road race :) and the 8' head will have been done by then
  • Haweswater Half is a real good 'un Wolfy. You'll love it. Have a pint in the St Patricks Well afterwards. Lovely pub.
  • thanks for the tip FF! I'll have me brew then off to SPW it is!
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