Brighton Marathon 2016

Entries open...only 369 days to go



  • I entered last week

  • In for the 6th time.

  • MeadowerMeadower ✭✭✭

    Have popped my name in today...will be my first here.  Is this local for you, Barbie?  Six times is commitment to the course!

  • I have entered too. 

  • Meadower yes, 15 minutes walk to the start line so I figure it would be rude not to run it! image Any questions, ask away image

  • StiltsStilts ✭✭✭
    I'm in too. Entered a few years ago then got in to London so deferred. Then got in to London again. Did Brighton half this year and it was fab. I'm very very slow but hoping to be slightly less slow image
  • MeadowerMeadower ✭✭✭

    Barbie, now that is handy!  I'll kick off with the daft questions - the course elevation doesn't tell us what it's measured in - I'm guessing feet?  And with quite a few long out and back stretches, how's congestion on the course?  It's a popular marathon, after all.

    Rachel!  You were in Paris too, yes?  I'm sure I recognise that face from the Arc on Sunday...apologies if I'm talking nonsense.

  • Hi Meadower

    The course elevation here is in feet This actually looks quite deceiving though - the only inclines (note not hills!) are in the first mile when you go round Preston Park, a short one off Lewes Road    (about mile 4) and between miles 6 and 8 there is a slight incline as you leave Brighton. The rest is very flat or downhill. 

    The only bit of the course I find congested (and which I don't like) is the first mile around Preston Park as it's quite narrow in places and you get people starting in too fast a start pen and holding other people up....but it quickly opens up and then I don't fnd any problems with congestion. 

  • StiltsStilts ✭✭✭
    Hi Barbie

    Another daft question - I'm thinking of getting a train from Clapham jct which gets to Preston Pk at 7.55am, do you think I'll be ok with that, am trying to avoid overnighting in Brighton and the whole thing costing a small fortune ...
  • Hi Stilts

    More than enough time, the race starts at 9.15am and the park is only a few minutes walk from the station. One thing to bear in mind though is that you have to pick your race number (or get someone else to pick it up in your behalf) on the Friday or Saturday.

  • StiltsStilts ✭✭✭
    Ah thanks Barbie that's reassuring. Yes I know about picking the number up - bit annoying but that's how it is - thinking I'll go down on the Friday and resist the temptation to have a nice (ie long + tiring) day out in Brighton on Saturday image
  • Meadower, yes, I did do Paris at the weekend - although I wasn't at the Arc photo if that is what you meant.  

  • *dusts off trainers and running for dummies manual*  I'm in! Not run for over 2 years and struggling to run for more than 10 minutes without a walking break but excited and motivated to be back. First goal to run 30mins non-stop. Marathon goal to just get round preferably sub 6. Aiming high I am. image 

    Hello everyone. 

  • Hello Guys and Girls I'm in, did it in 2012 and swore never to do it again after blowing up at mile 16, still managed under 4 hrs, this time no pressure hoping to enjoy it some what....

  • MeadowerMeadower ✭✭✭

    Ah no worries Rachel, must just recognise the name from the other thread.

    Welcome aboard, Soup Dragon.  Handy thing is you've just about a year to get up to speed!  

    Any thoughts on what caused you to blow up at 16, Si?  Knowing you can finish isn't a bad place to start with prep for next year, mind.

  • Darn it, I just can't help myself...

  • Meadower classic went off too fast was feeling great up to that point lol then pure hell, very true at least I know I can finish

  • Meadower - speed and me don't agree lol. Last time I did Brighton I trained really hard and had a mentor from here, did intervals and everything but only managed 5:40. Just get round will make me happy trust me. Off for a little run/walk plod in a minute. Up to running 9 minutes walk 3 mins for 30min. Its hard, I'm shattered and puffing at the moment. Wondering about going back to heart rate training once I've got some inital fitness back. 


  • I did Brighton a couple of years back and did enjoy it. I would not call it a pb course though, and certainly.not flat. That first hill in the park is pretty serious in marathon terms and the drag up over the cliffs once you turn out of town at 6 miles is again not to be laughed at. There was a pretty nasty head wind from memory too, and I found the first half quite hard going. No issues with congestion once out of the park. 

    However, according to this, they have taken out the big hill at the turnaround, so things might be a bit better now than when I did it.

  • MeadowerMeadower ✭✭✭

    Yes, Natty!  I can get that drink I owe you if I don't make Paris...and Mr Natty?  I suspect I ask too much.

    Si - I did that in my first marathon too, wheels came off the bus at the same point they did for you.  The walk-run felt awful, and the run seemed like a crawl.  Have been pacing better since image

    Soup Dragon - sounds good to me.  I'm a bit of a technophobe so I've not trained by heart rate before, but I know a lot of folk swear by it.  Hope today's run went well!  Thanks Iron Mike...watching the video now.

  • Meadower- What!!?!!??! Paris isn't optional you know image

  • I ran a mile continuous today. After 2 1000m repeats. I'll take that. image

  • MeadowerMeadower ✭✭✭

    Natty - oh rats, I should have read the small print before getting involved with you lot image Mind will be made up after Beachy Head, promise.

    SD - good stuff!  This counts as a win, I would say.

  • Rob1978Rob1978 ✭✭✭

    I'm in.  3:46 in 2015.  3:19 in 2016.


    Oh no! Some how my credit card details found there way into the online entry form and I'm entered again! Fourth year in a row! Dammit!

    3:34 in 2015, can I get the elusive sub 3:30? Guess I have a year to train for it?

  • I've managed to convince 3 of my work colleagues to enter and they have nominated me to be in charge of their training. going to be an interesting year!

  • BikoBiko ✭✭✭


    I had entered this year but had to defer my entry when my foot began to hurt. My foot felt so much better after I deferred.... *cough* Not sure I was fully mentally prepared as I hadn't even booked anywhere to stay.

    Did a slow, strangely enjoyable 13 1/2 miler yesterday with few bad effects so feeling quite positive at the moment. It's about time I joined a running club and started taking training a bit more seriously. Urgh, sounds like hard work. image

    With all that in mind I'd like to ask where best to spend the night in Brighton? Does anyone have any good suggestions for the Saturday evening? I may even stay two nights....

  • Doing Brighton again next year after finishing my first marathon this year.

    The Brighton Marathon is pretty flat considering the amount of hills in Brighton! You could make a real killer of a route... Albion Hill, Bear Road, Preston Drove, Coldean Lane, Carden Hill...

    Hope they have water in bottles or pouches and less godamn awful Samba Bands!


  • I watched the Brighton Marathon on C4 and am I right they used cups this year instead of bottles, I imagine they would be harder to drink, I know the bottles seem a waste but a lot easier?

  • Yes water was in cups. One of the reasons given by the organisers was that it would save on waste. But, the water they provided was Ballygowan which comes from the south west of Ireland, so to save on "waste" they shipped over bottles of water from Ireland and then poured it out into cups! Brilliant! If they really wanted to cut down on waste they should have used Brighton mineral water (ie. tap water filtered through 200m of chalk).

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