Fat club 12th Oct, or AA

Too much white wine last night, and a lovely bit of seabass
Planning a long run today, shall also send off Brass Monkey application form and find the RW half marathon training schedule
On call tomorrow=nosleep and s'' food
Hope everyone has a brilliant weekend!


  • Went out to Italian restaurant with friend last night. Both got food poisoning. Yeuch!
  • Morning all!

    Going for 20 min run soon - a step up from my 2 x 12 min runs last week. Challenged non-runner bf to race up hill (50m)last night and would have lost if he hadn't been nice to me - he said it was a draw. But had high heel boots on. It's peeing down outside here - chance to test my anti-fogging glasses.

    Breakfast of cornflakes & 2 x toast & marmalade.

    Sassie hope you feel better - did u have seafood pasta?

    Hope your long run goes well benz. Have you done half-marathon before? I'm thinking of doing one next spring.
  • Morning

    It's peeing down here as well. Going to have to work hard to motivate myself to go for a run later. Already given into the bickie tin this morning.
  • Done GNR SR
    Am entering the brass on e NOW
    Had a few crisps
  • Morning all,
    I am sooooo fat today. Have had such a bad week food & exercise wise - should be ashamed of myself. I wouldn't mind a bit of food-poisoning at the moment..! It's so miserable here today too - pouring with rain and really dark - looks like it's about 8pm! I am still in my pyjamas and have already eaten loads of jaffa cakes.. thankfully they have now all gone and I will never be buying them again..well, when I say 'never' I mean for a quite a while! I want to do a HM early next year, but can't find any local ones at all! I've got another 10K race tomorrow and haven't been running since Tuesday... oh dear..
    Michelle x
  • Oh I also need to confess that I went round my friend's last night and we had pizza, an aero and a piece of Victoria Sandwich...! No alcohol at all though, cos I was driving.. don't think I've had any fruit or veg the whole week..Oops! (oh except the 'fruit' in the jaffa cakes of course!)
  • Hi all,
    Hate myself this morning, talking on here for hours last night, just sat stuffing my face with crisps 2 packets, Snickers 2 bars, box of Jaffa cakes! and too many cans lager, oh and a cheese and marmite sandwich......

    I should be punished, but I just got carried away.
    Not running till tomorrow so will have to sit and feel guilty all day.........
  • Gaz, me and you are in the same boat then! Look, let's not worry ourselves - today is another day and we will be good.. we will be good.. we will..
  • Yes promise "I will be good"
  • SR - I'm a veggie, which makes it even more annoying.

    Michelle - you do not want food poisoning, trust me!

  • Sorry to hear about your food poisening Sassie,
    hope you make a speedy recovery......
  • Sassie - hope you feel better soon! I had food poisoning about 2 years ago and I'm a veggie too! Remember to try and keep hydrated.
    Michelle x
  • Thanks Gaz and Michelle - drinking ginger and elderflower, which seems to be staying with me. Apparently salad is one of the worst culprits for fp, so maybe carnivores have got something going for them!
  • Oh I didn't know that.. I better watch the salad in future then! Did your friend eat the same as you? Keep in bed and watch cartoons Sass! Get well soon hun.
    Michelle x
  • Well done Pixie..! You put me to shame. I've got a 10K race tomorrow, so I hope I'll do ok in that.. I think I'd better start my healthy eating/fitness regime on Monday, cos it looks like it ain't gonna happen over the weekend! Good Luck Pixie!
    Michelle x
  • RedheadRedhead ✭✭✭
    Hi everyone, still be quite virtuous but will be slipping tonight as going out for a Thai meal. Only 1.5 days until I can run again (sorry, I mean wobble!). Been frantically tidying the house as more people are coming to see it this afternoon - we've already had 2 firm offers and we've only been on the market since Monday. Hope one of them works out OK.

    Michelle, you're forgiven for being naughty but I'm not sure Gaz has a good excuse ;-) Good luck woth the 10k tomorrow Michelle (hope Steve's still keeping positive and not in too much pain). Well done EP for being virtuous so far.

    Sassie, poor you, hope you feel better soon. I'm veggie too and I got fp from an Indian meal, not salad though. We veggies tend to forget that we can be vulnerable too don't we - it's all down to basic hygiene (best not to think too much about that or we'd never eat out!).

    Have a great weekend everyone.

  • Been sick today - so no food as such for me although did manage to eat a couple of salt & vinegar crisps just now. Am drinking plenty of ginger ale and sparkling mineral water. Not done any exercise but at least I did actually get out of bed today :o) Have a nice weekend all!
  • Cath, I feel better about the food poisoning now. Sharing in the upchucking with you won't make you feel any better, but is a good reminder to me of how brave you are.
  • Tis is a pleasent thread today isn't it ;o)
  • Okay, Ive just done 10k on the treadmill
    Then ruined it with a large glass of wine, we have these free food vouchers at our gym for renewing membership, but only have two weeks to use them
    Free wine is good
    Sassie and Cath, hope youre both feeling better soon
  • Free wine is always good
  • This gin is even nicer
  • Sassie, Cath, wish you both a speedy return to normal digestive function. I had a dose of Campylobacter during my foray into vegetarianism as a student. Blamed it on the "ploughman's lunch" I'd had in the Students' Union canteen - I'm sure they recycled the pickled onions.

    Benz, well done. I have NEVER stayed on the treadmill for 10K. Bunked off my treadmill intervals completely today in view of race tomorrow, but did intervals on the steppy instead.

    Michelle, good luck for your 10K tomorrow.

    I had a bonding session with Kevin this afternoon - a joint photo-call in Sutton Park to publicise her sponsored climb, then a walk into Sutton Coldfield to buy her some new trainers and her first batch of bras - aaaah! Ate a lot of Skittles, but otherwise been quite healthy so far. Now on my third bowl of harrigle curry - eating up all the leftover vegetables and Quorn from the fridge with a jar of curry-flavoured gloop poured over it.

    Sainsbury's expedition next. Just fallen out with Kevin again because her old mate from the behaviour support unit wants us to fetch her so that she can stay the night, and I've said no because she's a nice kid but an absolute pain in the neck for staying up playing karaoke until the small hours of hte morning no matter WHAT promises they make beforehand.
  • I think we suffer more over our children than anything else in the whole world - but then I am a mother!
  • There are things I will only suffer once, though - and being kept awake at night by children who are not my own is one of them.

    Actually, I'm quite a softie - I turned the other cheek several times on this issue. At the last count, I'd had five slapped cheeks.
  • boing!

    bouncy bouncy

    I'm not mad - I had been to the dark side and I got sucked in and it triggered my invisible vowel syndrome!

    played hockey today and won! with no goals scored which is brilliant as I'm the goalie -makes saturday nights much better!

    less need for enemy fooods - but have had jaffa cake or two!

    after the dark side I couldnt sleep last night for chuckling to myself so I'm NOT going there again - nearly lost my boing!

    tomorrow I'm doing my first marathon - the Manchester - so I need to wake up early!

    enjoy the weekend fitties
  • Good luck Bune
    Say farewwell to your toenails now!
  • is that a threat - has someone taken a contract on my toenails?
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