Fat club 12th Oct, or AA



  • Wait til you do the marathon babe
  • uh hu

    I'm not doing it in the running sense - I'm doing it in the standing there giving out drinks and encouragement sense

    and I don't expect to lose my toenails unless it rains for many hours and they get soaked off
  • b*****r I'v just seen the weather forecast..
  • wella tleast youll be able to wear open toed sandals
    Fancy a half marathon in January, in York/
  • what giving out drinks bottles?
  • you might still lose your toenails - depends on how many runners tread on them!
    Better wear a pair of steel-toecap jobs.
  • Bune , Robo, i meant running, or run/walk with me
  • hm 1/2 marathon thats alittle beyond my current level of aspiration and as its in the hockey season it would seriously affect my fast twitch muscle
  • Cmon, its at the end of January, and you could have curd tart after
  • just looked at the date on't other fred and it clashes with a hockey finals weekend that I organise - so its a no go - anyway as im an old fat knackered rascal a 5k is about my distance at the moment - you can have my curd tart at Bettys for me!
  • Excuses, Ill dream up another for you!!
    Mind you respect for playing hockey, scary sport!!
  • not an excuse its serious !

    Ill hopefully run around the golf course by christmas or new year -its about 4k!
  • Hi All

    Just saying hi before dashing to bed to prepare for ridiculous early start tomorrow. Am doing Kingston 8 miles and so have been eating like the proverbial
  • ooh you're all scary fit club folk!

    anyone fancy race walking?
  • Good luck JJ
    And good luck Bune for the soggy marathon
    Hockey is always serious isnt it?
  • er yes but its short intense bursts of seriousness over 70minutes and as a goalie I throw meself to the ground and hope that Ill stop the ball then bounce back up again boing!
  • Josie, have a great race tomorrow. Hope you get a fantastic PB and have good fun too.

    Bune, well done. Races wouldn't be possible without good folks like you. When are you going to run a marathon yourself? If the answer to that isn't "Never, no way, no-how", you've got a problem.

    RoboK, my man, haven't seen you in ages! How's stuff?

    Bought up half of Sainsbury's this evening - had to carb up afterwards. Half a malt loaf, couple of yogurts...yes, still room for a spot of chocolate. Don't want to wake up hungry on the night before my first-ever multi-terrain race.

  • veloped you are one scary dino!
  • Good luck in the marathon bune, and for the Kingston 8 miles JJ - both very admirable distances!

    I did 30 instead of planned 20 mins run/walk with HR monitor today - set to "easy" hence the walking breaks (my local park is quite hilly). It's no wonder my face gets so red when I don't take any notice of the HR monitor - today it was almost normal. Planning to do same tomorrow, before I start my serious training again next week.

    I'd stopped using the HR monitor for a while, because it kept jumping from 0 to 220 and back again - decided not serious heart condition, but maybe I had got my monitor mixed up with my Mum's. We have swapped watches back again now.

    Had a good day food wise until I ate through 2 boxes of Cadbury's caramel chocolate fingers (about 1000 calories!).

    Oh well, tomorrow is another day...
  • Im off tobed, reluctantly as i have to be on form tomorrow for work
  • SR, some people operate at a higher HR, i rutinely hit 200 plus, even at my advanced age
    If you feel ok then fine
  • hmm will see after tomorrow as I've never even been to a marathon before - been through a few snickers though

    nite fit friends!
  • er benzedrine

    that makes you not much more than 20 on my understanding of her majestys monitors!
  • Im 37, with a strange metabolism
    havent heard that nickname before, new piccie praps?
  • benzos?

    used to work in a community drug team
  • anyway wez all the piccies gone?

    reminds me of a joke

    whats the fastest cake on earth?
  • go on
  • scone!
  • Go on then, before i go to bed
    RW are supposed to be approving my new alcohol improved piccie
    Guess they dont work weekends
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