Any other hobbies...?

Apart from running, and excessive internet abuse, what else do you all like to do?

I'm into football (watching!), writng, travelling (mainly the M4), wine, women (well, mammals generally). What do you do?


  • I'm into old movies especialy Linda Lovelace ones.

    (There goes a perfectly good thread)
  • Footy ( Toon Army), music,booze, playing with micro and mini Barkles,laughing,
    cricket etc, the list goes on.

    oh, and wildlife.
  • Seriously,
    I obviously enjoy running, especialy the long runs thru the Chiltern counrtyside, hanging out on a Saturday morning with the kids, any kind of wildlife (our garden is a haven for all sorts), watching Watford play.
  • I cant think of much that I do really apart from running, oh and watching a lot of telly, I love martial arts films, not really into football, never miss athletics.
    When not running or watching telly I am on the internet or reading or in bed........
    or having the odd can watching telly......

    Think I will change my name to Mr Boring...

  • trading dylan bootlegs,shooting small fluffy birds and eating them,
    footie(arsene wengers red and white army),
    watching most sport apart from golf and tennis,sailing.drinking good wine
    wrestling with the 3 poppettes
    punting the stock market with other peoples money-sorry thats my job.
  • Dog walking, reading, National Trust, food and drink, embroidery, anything to do with animals.
  • Movies and reading and occasionally eating and drinking to much

    Running, swimming, cycling and the gym take up lot of my spare time and the wife takes up the remainder
  • Most types of Motor racing (F1 is not motor racing!) especially World & British Superbikes (Suzi Perry!!! oooh!).
    Extreme sports, power kites, trick kites.
    Loath Football (except when Man United lose!).
  • Totaly agree with you about F1 & Man U
  • I'm a black and white myself
  • Nice to know I'm not alone WW, the traditional loathing of ManU is not optional for me.
  • Apart from running, I like cycling.

    I also like to follow Celtic all over the place and indulge in a spot of drinking. These last two activities generally go together.
  • Cooking,apparently Im quite good at it
    Gotta eat my own food, hence my shape
    Even read cookery books on the loo
  • Apart from running, cycling, swimming, circuit training, walking, work and following the interests of my family I love to do the following in my spare time!

    cinema, reading, aromatherapy (playing with oils)decorative effects on junk furniture, girlie things like paint my nails, pluck my eyebrows etc AND CLOTHES SHOPPING!
  • Reading - it's not just the forums, I'm a raving print junkie. Gardening, though that has lapsed a bit since I started to run. Other sports, esp. swimming, weights and hillwalking. Cooking, though I don't get to do as much of that as I would like because the three littlest raptorlings won't eat proper food (have a good cake-baking splurge for school fayres and church sales and suchlike). Knit a mean jumper, but don't tell anyone or that's the last trace of my street cred blown. Quite like playing with the kids. And shopping - sometimes. Not for clothes for me (even the petite sizes are too long), but I love kitting out the kids and the man and filling the food cupboards. Proper little nest-builder at heart.

    I don't watch telly much and the last film I saw was Harry Potter, on the day it was released. I do love girls' nights out, and enjoy girls' nights in even more.

    I haven't been pregnant for four and a half years now, so it looks as if at least one of my risk-taking hobbies has been brought under control.
  • youd like a night round mine
    I have soirees, a spread of food, wine and tacky 80s CDS
    Must arrange another one
    Shopping isnt a hobby for me, its a necessary fact of life, and must be done when im not on call
    The more spending, the better(sorry Visa)
  • Now I have started to (try and) get fit nearly all my spare time is taken up with running, cycling, weight training, general gym work and walking.

    On top of this I have four dogs to look after. Having said this they are a great part of my life. I also enjoy reading, cooking, and polo.

    As well as this I LOVE red wine and there is nothing better than a good meal and good wine. Hmm this goes against my first paragraph.

    There just do not seem to be enough time to do all that I want. Will have to meet a very rich Mr Fiona and not work. Have just seen two pigs flying past my window!
  • Most sports, music, computer games and playing with Even Littler Feat (the last two having a happy commonality). Couple of years ago indulged boyhood dreams and got my private pilots licence - now find I'm not rich enough to use it much!
  • Apart from running and foruming, I enjoy a bit of golf, watching films videos mainly as the in-laws seem a bit reluctant to babysit too often (not that I am bitter), eating the wifes excellent cooking, wine and some beer.
    Not forgetting time with the sarcy offspring, little angels the 3 of them - sometimes.

  • Running, although had a disaster this morning. Working out at the gym, swimming, skiing, tennis, badminton.

    Dining out, cooking for friends at the weekend - Benz I read cookery books too - though not on the loo - supporting Leeds United (mainly from the armchair), travelling, and shopping - but for furniture and furnishings rather than clothes.

    And sometimes I like work, but would rather be doing any of the above.
  • Actually, its sad, but the main hobby IS work
    Just lurrve those darn patients
  • enjoy winding up the other patients at the dialysis unit - because of the ammount of exercise I do, I sweat a lot, this means that I can drink a couple of litres a day (bliss!) (that quantity would kill many renal cases), and then i tell them what I have drunk since the last session.
    mean...but fun.
  • Hi Robo, good to see you back
    God thats EVIL!!!
    You drink more than I do, actually, im lucky if i make a litre a day
    Hows the training going/
  • apart from running I am a serious internet addict; I also cycle (quite a lot), swim, watch and sometimes play footy (SUPER REDS before you ask - I represent the good part of Manchester!!), go clubbing, climb a bit, listen to LOTS of music and write/produce my own ... no wonder I hardly ever have time for work!
  • Robo., i love your hobby so much, PLEAESE let me tell themm all at work tomorrow
    Wevall need cheering up, and thats bloody brilliant!
  • Bit of cycling, swimming and gym work; couple of hours a day walking my four legged family; reading, movies and other than that, anything that saves me from having to do the ironing (sorry PB)
  • You'll upset him you know, he takes that sort of thing seriously.
  • Wish he came to my unit, it would be fun
  • Apart from running and spending too much time on these fora, my other hobbies include football, support Gravesend and Northfleet on Saturday and referee in the local league on Sunday. Trains, I know this is sad but I'm interested in trains, real, model and virtual. I also love my music as can be seen from my posts in the whatever happened to thread.

    Now what happened to my wife and the boys, oh yes the missus is sowing and the boys are playing on the trainset. Although at this time of night they're all actually in bed
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