Hi, I'm getting terrible 1.5-2 inch blisters on the arches of both feet.I've tried vaseline,twin layer socks,compeed,surgical spirit and still no cure.I can't even now run over a mile before I get that burning sensation.I've had orthotics fitted,bought new shoes and still nothing works.Its just one blister on top of another.Even the hard skin blisters!! Please can anyone help!!?I'm beginning to see my runs as more of a trial to be endured rather than enjoyed


  • Possibly your orthotics ?
  • or change your shoes
    Im a bad overpronator, but am limited to two types of shoe because of the blister problem(i also have flat feet)
    Talk to your shoe shop again , if they cant help then go elsewhere
  • I was getting blisters on the arches of my feet before my orthotics.They were just higher up the arch of my foot.Will be speaking to the clinic I'm under for my orthotics on Wednesday.
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