Running Clubs in Hampshire

Hi, can anyone tell me if there are any running clubs in Hampshire. I am a beginner and would like to join a club. Thanks.


  • The Ham[shire County site at has a full list.

  • Karren have you joined a club . I want to join a club too in portsmouth area. But find it a bit intimidating as not sure what to expect.
  • Hi I don't know where you are in Hampshire but I go to a club on a Monday and Wednesday evening in Basingstoke - you just turn up and pay £2 each time you run.

    Mondays is specific training and Wednesday is split up into either 2, 4 or 6 mile runs whichever you feel you want to do. Have a look at and that will give all the details.


  • Karen and Jezza
    I am a beginner and also intimidated by the websites of some of the clubs. I am halfway between Southampton and Portsmouth - there is a club at Stubbington (off the A27) that I am thinking of trying - any use to either of you?
  • Diana
    The Subbington Green Runners is the club closest to me. Its the one i've been thinking of joining. My plan is too train until just after Christmas then join. Last night was my first run for 2 months hopefully i will feel fit enough to join by then.
  • Karen

    You don't say whereabouts in Hampshire but if it's in the north of the county you might try Tadley Runners who meet on Mon and Weds evenings.
    See for details.
  • If any of you are near Southampton - there is Southampton Running Sisters, mixed abilities, but do have a good beginners group. I started with them and would certainly recommend them.

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