A Natural High

Very occasionally whilst running I get what you might call a natural high, a sense of incredible elation. I feel super strong and fast and think I can run forever. Unfortunately it only lasts a few minutes and then dull old reality kicks back in. It’s always happened after about 45 minutes (which for me means about 6 –7 miles, depending on a following wind). I’m told it may be due to endorphins, the body’s natural pain-killing chemical equivalent to morphine.
Any enlightening comments any body? Best of all, any techniques for increasing the chances of it happening, or even ensuring that it happens? Maybe broken glass in my shoes to short cut the pain receptor – pain killer reaction??!!


  • The body goes into an anaerobic state after a while and produces its own oxygen, but this only last for short spurts unfortunately. I posted on the whole aerobic/anaerobic thing in athread last week.
    Yesterday I played tennis and after a warm up run around the park I could serve and volley for 1 1/2 hours in 35 degree heat (Dubai) without being out of breath. Wonderful feeling to be fit, eh?
  • Yes it is! I shall track down your thread for further enlightenment. Grazie!
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